Proving Samantha Wrong

Ellen Tailor Raw Exposures

What (I thought) I knew about chemical peels I learned from Samantha on Sex & the City. A medical professional swears by its benefits but you walk out of the office looking like you’ve spent the last 8 hours roasting in the sun.Β I got a chemical peel and didn’t wind up like Samantha! In fact, […]

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Chicks With Sticks

Ellen Tailor Golf Red Rocks Denver Colorado Arrowhead 1

Announcement! Can I have your attention please! I’ve decided to make a change in my life. I’m currently looking for an agent because I’m quitting my job to become a golf model. πŸ˜‰ Ok, maybe that’s not 100% true but it sounds tempting, doesn’t it?! Apparently I’ve kept my golfing skills a well kept secret. […]

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VIDEO: How To Paint Your Own Nails

Las Vegas Family Thanksgiving (1)

Painting my own nails is a form of meditation. Silly, I know. I probably paint them 2-3 times a week but I never had the patience to do it before discovering these little tips and tricks. Don’t struggle like I did, watch my how-to tutorial and paint away! I’d also love it if you subscribed […]

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Ellen Tailor Nube9 Seahawks 12 - 3

Where do I start? Do I tell you I wear clothesΒ made from recycled plastic bottles? Do I tell you there’s a way to help the enviornment by supporting the company that makes these clothes? Looks like I just told you both. Introducing Nube9. Every Nube9 piece produced keeps between 2 and 36 post-consumer plastic water […]

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Hats Off…I Mean, Hats ON!

Ellen Tailor ASOS Hat

Photo c/oΒ McKenzie MikesellΒ //Β Llorrac Photography I’ve noticed a theme to all of my social media posts lately, especially my Instagram. Hats. Lots of hats. Well, mainly it’s been one hat that I’ve been caught wearing over and over again but nonetheless, I love hats! In the past you may have seen a few posts about hats.Β In […]

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