Ellen Tailor Fresh Brewed Tees 12 Til I DieThank God It’s Blue Thursday! One more preseason game for my beloved Seattle Seahawks before we get to raise that Super Bowl Champion banner. Many thanks to Fresh Brewed Tees for the surprise delivery yesterday.

Fresh Brewed Tees Ellen Tailor FAVS

Who is your favorite team? Whose jersey do you have / want?

Weight Loss Wednesday #8 – Why I Stopped Chasing a Number

I stopped chasing a number. Don’t get me wrong. The number on the scale needs to come down. I know this. However, when I first started on this weight loss journey it was only about the number that starred back at me every morning when I weighed myself. Now what I’m chasing is much different and these photos will prove it.

Ellen tailor Weight Loss Wednesday 8 Weeks Front

Week 1 – Week 8

Ellen tailor Weight Loss Wednesday 8 Weeks Side

Week 1 – Week 8 (Nice face, right?)

Ellen tailor Weight Loss Wednesday 8 Weeks Back

Week 1 – Week 8 (Yes, my hair is green. Yes, I did it on purpose.)

Now, before you continue reading, please comment below and tell me how much weight you think I’ve lost based on these photos. Go ahead. I’ll wait.


…did you guess yet?


Ok. What would you say if I told you that the scale has only gone down 4 pounds? You wouldn’t believe me, right? (Hell, most people can shit 4 pounds.) How can so little make that much of a difference?! I have no idea. What I do know is that I’ve lost a total of 10.25 inches.

If someone would have told me that I’d only lose 4 pounds after 8 weeks of hard work and clean eating, I wouldn’t have thought it was worth giving up my beloved Big Mac’s and Diet Coke. However, looking at these pictures I know it’s worth itBut we also have to adjust what we’re doing to get the scale moving as well.

Karen, my trainer, has switched up my workouts. Instead of less reps with more weight, we’ve lowered the weight and added more reps. This will (hopefully) create a more cardio driven workout as opposed to solely weight training. Her thinking is that perhaps my body is hanging on to the extra pounds in order to accommodate for the extra weight I’ve been lifting.

Admittedly, only 4 pounds is depressing but look at the difference! Also keep in mind that I was traveling for nearly half of the month. 10.25 inches all around is an impressive number but these photos are the most motivating for me. To anyone on a weight loss journey, my best advice is to take photos! I guarantee I would have fallen off of the wagon if it weren’t for these pics.

One day at a time and I’ll get there! And on the days I’m struggling, I’ll look back at these pictures and see how far I’ve already come and that it’s not worth it to give up now. I can do this! I AM DOING THIS!

Curled Country Lashes ft. Maddie & Tae

“Girl in a Country Song” is catching the attention of every country music fan. The song, sung by newcomers Maddie & Tae, calls out what’s being referred to as “bro country” and is definitely worth a listen.

When Maddie & Tae stopped by our show I couldn’t help but notice 1) how beautiful they are and 2) how AMAZING their lashes are! Below you’ll find three easy steps to achieving their look.

Ellen Tailor Maddie & TaeMaddie & Tae’s tips to getting perfectly curled and plush lashes!

1) Layer one, very light, coat of waterproof mascara on your lashes. Normally, I stay away from waterproof mascara but in theory it works the same as hair gel does.

2) Curl your lashes. Personally, I’d do this first.

3) Layer two to three coats of L’Oreal’s Telescopic mascara. They swear by this mascara. While I haven’t personally used it, they’ve got me itching to try it!

What are your go-to mascara brands and tricks?

3 GIVEAWAYS – Fresh Brewed Tees

Football is back! It’s time to unbury your Blue Friday wardrobe and even add to the collection. This Fresh Brewed Tee’s shirt is easily my favorite! 12>49

Ellen Tailor Fresh Brewed Tees

Think the shirt is cool? The story behind Fresh Brewed Tees is even cooler! Kudos to my friend Tony Madalone, President & CEO, for being so resourceful and innovative.

Make sure to check out the T-Shirt Truck that’ll be parked outside of Jones Soda as you head over to Century Link. They’ve got SO many new designs and below you’ll see just a few of my favorites.

Fresh Brewed Tees Ellen Tailor 3

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Fresh Brewed Tees Ellen Tailor 1

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Enter to WIN your favorite shirt, or all three, courtesy of Fresh Brewed Tees. Contest ends at midnight on Monday, August 25, 2014.

Weight Loss Wednesday #7 – The Skinny on Ellen

My opinion is skewed. This weight loss journey is my story but I thought it’d be fun for you all to get an unfiltered perspective from the woman sees it all, my trainer Karen.

Karen After

“What on earth am I getting myself into?” That was the first thing I thought as I waited for Ellen to show up for our first meeting. I had never listened to the radio show but a good friend and former client emailed me and told me I HAD to reach out and talk to Ellen. When I listened to the clip from her show, every hair on my body stood on end and I just knew this was someone I could work with and help. I only ever take on clients that I feel I can truly make a difference for and she most definitely fell into that category.

“I hate running, I won’t jump, I hate cardio.” Way to make a good first impression with your potential new trainer! (Hence my, “What on earth am I getting myself into?” thoughts.) At first I worried that Ellen might be one of many people out there who think that just because they have a trainer and shop at Whole Foods or Trader Joe’s  that they should be losing weight like there’s no tomorrow. I was so relieved when she proved me wrong.

Now, lets get one thing straight, this girl complains at least 75% of the session and if she isn’t complaining, she’s rolling her eyes at me. The incredible thing about Ellen though is that she is working out the entire time she is complaining. She shows up every time, she does everything I ask her every time, she fills out her food logs, she checks in with me during rough times and messages me every time she hits some kind of milestone.

I flat out love this girl. We clicked from day one and she has given me everything from, if I’m honest, week two. (Thank you Steve – hot roommate) That is when we hit a huge turning point and she fully bought into the process. This is really one of the hardest things you can ever do. Only people who have ever had an issue with their weight can fully appreciate the 24/7 work that has to go into this journey. 

The progress with Ellen has been amazing to witness. Her body seems to have shrunk every time that I see her, the weights that she can lift go up almost weekly and the way that her body moves improves and astounds me every time I see her. Week one we were massively limited by her core being so weak that she could barely manage body weight exercises and now she is busting out sets of 15 squats with an 85 pound barbell on her back (admittedly complaining the entire way through the session.)

The only thing I would change about Ellen would be for her to be able to look at herself and recognize what a warrior she is, what an incredible job she is doing and see what an inspiration she is. I am inspired by her every time that I am in her company and I love that by her blogging so unapologetically honest about her journey she is inspiring others to make changes to their lives. 

Keep up the good work Ellen – it is truly an honor to be working with you.

Weight Loss Wednesday #6 – Trials of Travel

“Did you fall off the wagon? Why haven’t you posted an update?!” No, I didn’t fall off the wagon, although I was worried I might while I was traveling (hence no post).

The official title is Morning Show Boot Camp but really it’s radio deejay school. Personalities from across the country get together every year to network and share ideas. This year the conference was held in Chicago which meant I’d be spending time flying and in a hotel. How the heck was I supposed to stick to my healthy lifestyle with so many things out of whack?!

I’m barely staying on track at home. One small thing and I’m scared I’ll fall off the wagon I’ve worked so hard to get on. How was I going to travel and still stay disciplined? I surprised myself.

Ellen Tailor Chicago

First things first. I prepared as much as I could. I packed snacks in my carry-on bag that included protein bars, turkey jerky, and mini bags of almonds & cashews. Normally I’m frazzled before I get to the airport (mainly because I wait until the absolute last minute to pack) so I didn’t eat a decent breakfast. It would have been easy for me to drive thru and pick up a sausage biscuit but I’ve been fast food sober for almost five months now. Instead, I stopped by Starbucks inside the airport and bought Greek yogurt with granola, berries and an iced green tea with no syrup. I was caffeinated and content. Was I stuffed? No. But I knew I’d be able to hold myself over for a few hours.

During the nearly four hour flight, I munched on the snacks I brought and tracked it all on the My Fitness Pal app. The free app does all the work for me when it comes to counting calories. It’s synced to my FitBit, which tracks how many steps I take daily, and my trainer is able to log in to see if I’ve been staying on track.

Once I landed in Chicago my first priority was to get lunch. By this point I was feeling hungry and I knew my body needed actual food. By the grace of God, a place called “The Protein Bar” was located on the main floor of the hotel I was staying at. Not only did this restaurant list all of the calories on the menu, it also showed how much protein and how many carbs were in each dish. As a rule of thumb I always try to eat more protein than carbs in one sitting. Knowing I was under calories and without any idea when I’d eat dinner, I opted for a higher calorie option. However, that doesn’t mean I overdid it.

It would have been easy for me to stuff my face with a 600 calorie wrap because I was craving carbs! Instead, I chose a 300 calorie bowl of chicken chili and added healthy fats with a small scoop of Greek yogurt. I also drank a whey protein shake with almond milk (more healthy fats) that tasted more like dessert than anything! Now I’ll admit I had too much sodium but it was more important for me to get the protein and calories in than to skip a meal and gorge later.

The hardest part was cocktail hour. Ugh. There were tables filled with my favorite things EVER! Onion rings, french fries, and sliders. I longingly looked at the greasy goodness as it shined under the heat lamps. Maybe I’ll have just one. A taste. It wouldn’t kill me, right? Wrong. I know these are my downfalls. I know if I justified just a bite that I’d justify a plate then seconds. I’ve worked way too hard to fail now. I remembered what my trainer, Karen, said before I left. “Months of hard work can be undone in just two days.”

Throughout my trip I managed to maintain my calories and made wise choices. Choices that I didn’t regret. Choices that I was proud of. Was I going to be 100% on point? No. But considering the circumstances, I was OK with 90%.

While eating was my biggest concern, I also had to find time in a jam packed schedule to sweat. We were given a 90-minute lunch break. Before I would have scarfed down some food and napped. Now working out was a priority. I knew the hotel had a gym but wasn’t sure what kind of equipment was in there. I found a lot of machines that I had no idea how to use. I also found a treadmill and a bench. Now those I knew how to use! I did some hill intervals on the treadmill as well as step ups on the bench. As I walked out of the gym already sweaty, I noticed a small room that was filled with weights! I love weights! I had gotten the cardio, which I hate, out of the way, and was actually excited to pump some iron. Who woulda thunk?!

As I dripped in sweat, proud of the healthy choices I was making, I walked to the elevator. When the doors opened, I saw two men who were also there for radio deejay school. The old me would have slithered into a corner acting like I was too preoccupied with my iPod to talk to them. Something came over me though. I took the ear buds out of my ears, smiled, and extended my hand to introduce myself. Who was I?!  I believe what came over me is something called confidence!

I returned home from the conference with more pride than I can describe. I was convinced I would have failed miserably. I’ve never been more happy to prove myself wrong. Not only did I succeed but I knocked it out of the park! I’m doing this! 100%. No questions asked. I. Am. Doing. This!!!


It’s Not a Bike Ride, It’s a Mission

The only thing I’ve ever finished was a value meal from McDonald’s. That was until I crossed the Obliteride finish line!

Obliteride is not just a bike ride, it’s a mission. 100% of every dollar raised benefits the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center. Living in Seattle, it’s an honor to support a local cause but Fred Hutch has helped cancer patients globally. This was where bone marrow transplants were discovered and first implemented. The hallways of Fred Hutch house not one, not two, but three Nobel Peace Prizes.

08.11.14 - Ellen Tailor Obliteride 1

The weekend kicked off at Gas Works Park where I was able to host the Opening Kickoff. I had just flown back into town from Chicago and rushed to the party. The weather was amazing and Tom Douglas even catered the event. Yum!

08.11.14 - Ellen Tailor Obliteride 3

Much love to Element Cycles in Redmond for setting me up with this oh-so-pretty bike! They outfitted me with a bike, helmet, and padded shorts that were an absolute life saver during the ride.

08.11.14 - Ellen Tailor Obliteride 2

Due to construction, the route turned into a 30-mile ride as opposed to 25. I almost quit 37 times during the first half. I thought of excuse after excuse. At one point, I even prayed a bee would sting me. Being allergic, I’d have to be rushed to the hospital. Listen to that! I would have rather been in the ER than finish the ride. Sheesh!

Once I hit halfway I started to get emotional because I knew I was going to do this. I was actually going to finish! I nearly broke down in tears a few times. There were many reasons why I didn’t though. The support I was receiving through my social media channels was unreal! Fellow riders would cheer me on. T.I.’s No Mediocre strangely popped up on my playlist exactly when I needed it. And the biggest sign of all was when the bike route took me right past the Greek Orthodox Church. I heard you loud and clear, God! So I kept peddling.

Four hours after starting the ride, I saw the finish line. It was right there! My butt was numb. My quads were on fire. I wasn’t first. I wasn’t last. I didn’t care though. I was going to finish!

08.11.14 - Ellen Tailor Obliteride 5

Holy crap! I did it! Sure, I walked up a few hills. Yeah, I was a tad bit slow. BUT SHIT YEAH I DID IT! I was overwhelmed with pride knowing I had finished this in honor of my mom, the breast cancer survivor.

08.11.14 - Ellen Tailor Obliteride 4There’s still time to help the amazing work happening at Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center. If I can ride 30 miles, you can open your wallet and donate a few bucks. Thank you to everyone who helped support my ride! This will be a lifelong shining moment for me!


So, You’re in Seattle…

So, You’re in Seattle is a podcast hosted by my tall, funny, Cheeto sharing co-worker, Gregr. He’s the morning show host on our sister station 107.7 The End. I not-so-subtly invited myself onto his show where we talked about my first ever Tinder date, the infamous “Seattle Freeze,” and I reveal my real last name! Take a listen and subscribe on iTunes. Thanks for having me on Gregr! It was an absolute pleasure. :)


Weight Loss Wednesday #5 – The A-Team

Change your mind, change your life.

Think about that. It’s not up to other people to change you. It’s up to YOU to change you. As I continue on my weight loss journey, I’ve noticed three key people who have been vital to my success. These three very important people have kept me motivated and on track. This get fit path I’m on isn’t meant to do alone. I admire, appreciate and genuinely love these people. My A-Team.

Ever hear the phrase “perception is reality?” I find that to be 100% true. So when a professional athlete, nonetheless a Super Bowl champion, asks if you’ve been to the gym, it’s quick to assume he thinks your fat, lazy, and out of shape. Even perhaps that he’s doubting your commitment. But being in this right mindset, I know that Greg Scruggs sends me these texts because he sees my desire. My want. My motivation to succeed and achieve my goals. And he supports me. He encourages me.

                   Greg Scruggs Ellen Tailor Weight Loss Wednesday 1 Greg Scruggs Ellen Tailor Weight Loss Wednesday 2

Greg. You were one of the first few people I met when I moved to Seattle. Over the last few months, we have become close friends. I only hope you understand the impact you have on those around you. The impact you have on me. I pray that I can be as good of a friend to you in return. I also promise to have enough food for you the next time you come over. hahaha. Now go get yourself another ring, Champ! #GoHawks

Two weeks ago, a great friend from college, Steve Smith, moved to Seattle and has been staying with me. Steve noticed the photo I have on my refrigerator. I keep this in plain sight because it’s when I felt my best. Halloween 2006. I was 21-years old and a senior in college. Ironically, this was taken at Steve’s house! He’s seen me at my best and now at my worst.

Ellen Tailor GVSU

We came up with a pretty nice roommate agreement. I cook. He cleans. I have never eaten this clean, for this long, in my entire life. Steve’s what I needed to get my diet right and my biggest improvements have come because of what I put in my mouth. I have energy to get through workouts and feel better than I could have ever imagined.

Ellen Tailor Weight Loss Wednesday Eat Clean

Thank you for being a great ManMate, Steve! You’re the positive influence I so desperately needed. I’ve looked forward to our dinners together every single night. Our chats about clean eating, relationships, and life in general has me opening up not only to you but to everyone around me. I didn’t realize how lonely I really was. I’m looking forward to building on this amazing friendship we have over the next few years. And Charlie wants to know when we’re going on another hike. ;)

Ellen Tailor Steve Smith Snow Lake Charlie DogNow here’s where I start to tear up. All of this positive change began with one person. One person who speaks to me in terms I can understand. One person who knows it’s possible because she’s done it. My personal trainer, Karen. While I believe in God, I don’t consider myself religious but I truly believe I have been blessed to cross paths with this woman.

In a month I’m starting to see a difference in my physical body. The biggest change has happened internally. I had given up. I was convinced I was going to be like this for the rest of my life. I was starting to accept that. But I met Karen and my world completely changed. I wish these photos reflected how much weight I’ve shed emotionally.

Ellen Tailor Weight Loss Wednesday Month 1 Front

Ellen Tailor Weight Loss Wednesday Month 1 Back

Karen deserves more credit than I’ll ever be able to give her. She is a friend. A soul sister. A beautiful woman who has worked really f*cking hard and inspires me every single day. Not to mention she’s saucy, feisty, and absolutely hilarious! I don’t know if my abs hurt from Russian Twists or from laughing so hard when I’m with her. I’m not into the mushy stuff. Neither is she. So I’ll spare everyone and continue to work hard and prove to you all just how much she’s influenced my life.

Whether you want to admit it or not, everyone needs their own A-Team. Be willing to let people in. Be willing to ask for help. Be willing to be vulnerable. The rewards FAR out weigh the fear.

To my A-Team: THANK YOU!


Ellen Tailor Ipsy Pop Beauty ipsypopstars

I had fun playing with makeup this afternoon thanks to IPSY & Pop Beauty! I used only Pop Beauty products to create this fun summer look.

I never thought I could pull off the blue shadow but I was wrong. The mascara has a unique wand. The BB lip balm was smooth. But my hands down favorite product is the Blush Beam. It provides the perfect amount of bronzer and blush in one swipe. I’ll more than likely make this a daily part of my routine. Now if only bugs would stop flying into my mouth. ;)

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