Is That A Crop Top?!

EllenTailorCropTopWhiteSkirt - 2

Photos c/o McKenzie Mikesell // Llorrac Photography

Holy crap! Am I wearing a crop top?! Technically, no. It’s a bathing suit top. This is one of the last summer outfits I feel I can wear. I’m going to eat my words but I’m kind of ready for scarves and sweaters. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Let’s live in the present. Below are links to my favorite skirts and crop tops…err…I mean bathing suit tops 😉 Clicking the photos will take you to the product as well!






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VIDEO: Easy Half-Up Top Knot Tutorial

If you follow me on social media, you already saw the hair style that brought ALL of the trolls out. Here it is…

Getting a lot of hate for the ‘do but guess what? #IDGAF #GoHawks #TailoredTrends

A photo posted by Ellen Tailor (@ellentailor) on

If you’re a hater, stop reading now. If you’re one of the many that asked how to get this style, this is just for you! Below is an easy, 4 minute, tutorial on how to get this super trendy half-up top knot.

My First Ever Snapchat Q&A

I’m WAY late to jump on the Snapchat bandwagon and after playing with it for a week or so I’m wondering how did I survive without it?! I asked you to send me some video snaps with questions about whatever. See if YOU are in my latest video, who my favorite co-worker is, and more!



VIDEO: I Splurged! #sorrynotsorry

On Friday night, I posted this tweet…

On Saturday morning, I binge shopped. After reading your suggestions I picked up products from Ulta, Sephora, the drugstore and even made my first stop into LUSH. Check out this haul to see everything I snagged. (You might want to grab popcorn because it’s 20 minutes long. Eek!)

Keep checking back for updates on this blog for my reviews. I will say that I’m absolutely in LOVE with Kat Von D’s Liquid Lipstick in “A Go-Go” and the MAC Zoom Mascara. oh em gee. #amaze I can’t wait to try everything else!

What beauty products do you absolutely have to have? What products would you recommend to your best friends? Please leave a comment below! :)

Imitation is the Sincerest Form of Flattery

Ellen Tailor ASOS Rocksbox Seattle - 3

Kimono, Nordstrom Rack (Similar HERE and more down below) // Tank Top, Old Navy
White Denim, ASOS //  Heels, BCBGeneration //  Watch, c/o JORD Watch in Cora
Necklace, Kendra Scott via RocksBox // Nails, Formula X “Power Source” via IPSY
Photos c/o McKenzie Mikesell // Llorrac Photography

I pull fashion inspiration from many different places but this one I ripped directly off of Instagram. I’d say let’s do a “Who Wore It Better” but Chrisspy would win, hands down! I started following her fairly recently after I saw a post that she tagged with the genius caption, “Thick thighs save lives.” Yassss! My kind of girl.

A photo posted by @chrisspy on

I don’t have the confidence to pull off everything she wears (yet) but when I saw this look, a light bulb went off. I had all of the pieces in my closet, I just never thought to put it together. While the basics are identical, I added my own twist with accessories. Take for example these reflective shades I picked up at a local vintage shop in Snohomish, Washington, and the Kendra Scott necklace I snagged via RocksBox. (Use the code “ellenbff4” for a free month!)

My favorite accessory is the JORD Watch. This stunner is a handmade, wooden watch and unlike anything I’ve ever seen before. I had a hard time trying to pick just one of their gems and ultimately went with the Cora watch in Purple Heart & Pearl. Check out the entire JORD Watch line for both men and women here. #flickadawrist Who do YOU follow for fashion inspiration? Is it someone on Instagram? A YouTuber? A celebrity? Drop me a comment below because I’d love to check them out!

Shop The Look (As always, clicking on the photos will take you directly to the site where you can snag these goodies for yourself.)


Ellen Tailor ASOS Rocksbox Seattle - 2Ellen Tailor ASOS Rocksbox Seattle - 5Ellen Tailor JORD Watches - 2Ellen Tailor JORD Watches - 1 Ellen Tailor ASOS BCBGeneration Ellen Tailor ASOS Rocksbox Seattle - 6Ellen Tailor ASOS Rocksbox Seattle - 4 Unique Watch

Unboxing: BoxyCharm June 2015

I’m a big fan of subscription boxes and if you read my blog regularly, you know that IPSY is my favorite. I’ve heard about BoxyCharm from my favorite YouTubers and decided to give it a shot. This box is $21 a month and provies 4-5 full and/or deluxe size samples. (IPSY is only $10 but most months you only get sample sizes.) Here’s what was in my June BoxyCharm

Ellen Tailor BoxyCharm June 2015

Eslor Chlorophyll Lifting Mask – Ok. This is green, goopey, and smells like mint. I’m not exactly quite sure what it’s supposed to do but I’ve really been trying to find a new skin care products so I’m excited to give this a shot. Full Size: $38

The Beauty Crop Lighting Crew – I was so confused by this. At first I thought it was a lotion or maybe sunscreen. Once I opened it, I discovered it was one of the most beautiful highlights I’ve ever seen. This is the full sized product and is perfect for achieving that perfect summer glow. Full Size: $16

NCLA Nudes Nail Lacquer in Volume IV – Um. WOW! This has to be, hands down, one of the most gorgeous nude color polishes I’ve ever seen. Not only is the formula outstanding, the color and staying power is unreal. This was worth the cost of the box. Full Size: $16

Ellen Tailor BoxyCharm June 2015 NCLA Nudes

Bellapierre Cosmetics Kabuki Brush Normally I’m into brushes. In fact, I love them. However this is hard for me to store considering how I have my stuff currently organized. This is a total me thing and has nothing to do with the brush itself. I’ll probably pass this along to a gal pal. Lucky them! Full Size: $30

CARGO Cosmetics’s Eye Shadow Single in Oz – This was a fail. The color is just not something I’d ever use…ever. Sure the texture is nice but what’s it matter if I’ll never put it on my lids? Meh. Full Size: $16

The total value of the box is $116. That’s over 5x the cost of the box itself! Was everything a slam dunk? No. Is it worth me checking out BoxyCharm for another month? Sure is. Click HERE to try BoxyCharm for yourself.

Unboxing IPSY – June 2015

It’s my favorite time of the month! The bright pink envelope from IPSY shows up in my mailbox and I’m a giddy school girl on Christmas. If you don’t know, for $10 a month IPSY sends 4-5 beauty products (think make-up, hair, lotions, etc.) that are customized just for you and delivered in a super cute GLAM BAG. Here’s what was in my June bag…

Ellen Tailor IPSY June 2015

IT Cosmetics Brow Power Universal Eyebrow Pencil – I’m lucky enough to have naturally think eyebrows (ones that got me teased horribly in middle school but who’s laughing now?!) so I’ve only recently gotten into brow products. One end is a spooley to help brush your brows, the other is a universal shade to help fill and define. IT Cosmetics is a high end brand and I’m excited to play with this. Full Size – $24 (This product alone is worth over 2x the cost of the box itself.)

Smashbox Cosmetics Photo Finish Foundation Primer – This is not a new product to me. I’ve been known to purchase the full size in the past. I stopped buying it simply because I’d always get samples in bags like these and I’m definitely not complaining about it. This is a great size to travel with and the product is great. Full Size – $36

Formula X Power Source – I’ve heard nothing but great things about this Sephora exclusive formula but never wanted to spend the money on it. Simply because I’ve got so much nail polish that I don’t have room for anymore. It’s a small sample which is fine because I can’t ever remember a time that I actually finished an entire bottle of nail polish and the color promises to be a universal shade. Full Size – $10.50

tre’StiQue Mini Shadow Crayon in Venetian Gold – When I opened my bag, I thought this product was broken. I couldn’t find the missing cap! Until I realized I’m a dumb ass and the packaging completely tricked me. While this is a pretty color, I’m not quite sure what I’ll do with this. Full Size – $26

ALTCHEK MD Eye Gel Pads – I can’t get enough of these eye pad samples! I got two pair and I’ve got them on as I type this. ::sigh:: It’s so soothing and relaxing especially at the end of a hot summer day. These would be great to put on before a night out. Full Size – $20 for 5 pair

Only one of this month’s products were truly full size but the cost of that was over twice the cost of the Glam Bag itself. IPSY is my favorite subscription box service and for $10 a month, I’d say it’s totally worth you trying it out, too! Sign up for IPSY here.

Weight Loss Wednesday #21 – A New Challenge

After experiencing it first hand, I believe in the phenomenon that is social dieting. For those of you that haven’t heard about Diet Bet, check out last week’s post here. Congratulations to everyone that not only joined the challenge but also won! The winners each took home $50 just for losing 4% of their body weight.

Many reached out asking if I’ll host another Diet Bet Challenge. The answer is YES! The challenge starts on Monday, July 6th. (Because let’s be honest, no one wants to diet during the 4th of July weekend.) Enjoy yourself but let’s all commit to getting back on track after the holiday. Join my Diet Bet now and weigh-in whenever you’re ready. Let’s make it clear that you are able to join the Challenge and weigh in anytime between two days before the game begins (July 4) and day 14 (July 20).

If you’re a returning Diet Better, I’d really appreciate if you’d comment below and share your experience. Did you succeed? What parts did you have trouble with? Is there anything I can do as a host to help?

And just because I feel the need to brag a little bit, (which I’m allowed to do since I’ve work hard, right?) here’s a random before and after photo. The picture on the left was taken about 10 months ago. I was working out but my diet hadn’t changed. The photo on the right was snapped just a few days ago. My body is completely changing after incorporating both diet and exercise into my life. (Side note: You can WIN the tank on the right by entering HERE. Drawing happens on Friday, June 26, 2015 at midnight.)

PS. Sign up for the next Diet Bet Challenge HERE & tell your friends. :)

Ellen Tailor Before And After Diet BEt

{CLOSED} GIVEAWAY: Pride Has Arrived

Ellen Tailor Nube 9 PrideIn celebration of Pride Month 2015, my friends at Nube9 created this special Inspirewear racerback tank. Three graphs visualize the progress our country has made in LGBT rights over the past 12 years: the increasing number of states that legalized gay marriage, the number of senators who vote to eliminate barriers and the increasing number of residents in states where bans have been removed.

I’m proud to wear this tank and know that Nube9 will donate a percentage of the sales to the ACLU. Not only are you helping a good cause with your purchase, you’re helping save the enviornment. All of their items are made from recycled plastic bottles and the material is stupid comfy, doesn’t lose it’s shape nor does it shrink or fade.

All of the tanks are made locally in Seattle’s Captiol Hill neighborhood. Here are photos of my actual top being hand sewn. Keep scrolling for your chance to WIN one of your own.

Ellen Tailor Nube 9 Pride - 2Ellen Tailor Nube 9 Pride - 3Want to get your hands on a Nube9 Pride tank? It’s simple! You’ve got until Friday, June 26, 2015, at midnight to enter. (Note: You’ll get bonus enteries if you share this post on your social media pages and / or leave a comment below.) Thanks to Nube9 for being a supporter of Pride Month and for providing the giveaway!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Ellen Tailor Nube 9 Pride - 4

Weight Loss Wednesday #20 – Diet Bet Challenge is OVER

Thirty days ago, I embarked on a challenge. A DietBet Challenge. The goal? Lose 4% of my body weight in 4 weeks. 143 people bet $30 on themselves and joined my challenge. The pot is $4,470 and will be split by everyone who achieved their goal. Will I be one of those people splitting the pot?

The past 30 days have felt manageable. Doable. Was it easy? No. But was it possible? Absolutely. I knew that if I wanted to drop weight and not just inches, I’d have to keep my diet on point. I’ve focused on that more than I have in the recent months and it seemed to pay off. Just look at my gut!

Diet Bet End Ellen Tailor 3

The difference is subtle but it can be seen on every angle. Check out these pictures from behind. The back fat is almost gone! I never thought I’d see the day!

Diet Bet End Ellen Tailor 2

This angle is my most dreaded. I feel like a wide load from the side. My trunk has always been my problem area. I blame my primarily fast food diet for this. Undoing over a decade worth of bad habits is going to take time but seeing progress keeps me motivated.

Diet Bet End Ellen Tailor 1Are my boobs finally sticking out further than my stomach?! Whaaaa?! Now let me warn you about the upcoming TMI. I’m pissed because I have to weigh in for the final time on the first day of my period. Ugh. I’ve notoriously gained a SOLID five pounds leading up to that time of the month. I feel like the progress would have been much different if I was able to take these photos in a few days but that’s not the case so enough of my bitching.

Now, did I reach my goal? Did I lose 4% of my body weight and become a DietBet Challenge winner? It was hard. I wasn’t perfect everyday. I had a bad weekend just days ago. Perhaps a little self sabotage? (I’ve decided I totally need therapy but that’s another conversation.) I’m happy to say that I not only reached my goal, I beat it by a half pound! More so, I lost 7 inches in 30 days!

Am I at my ultimate goal? No. I think I have found a way to make this weight loss journey more manageable and that’s to break it up. It’s easier to focus on losing a small amount of weight in 30 days as opposed to 50 pounds. A few more DietBet Challenges and I’ll have hit my overall goal.

Thank you to everyone who joined the DietBet Challenge. Thank you to everyone for all of the support via comments, Facebook messages, tweets, etc. I have read every single one of your messages. Many have asked if I’ll host another DietBet Challenge. The answer is YES! I am going to wait until after the 4th of July but stay tuned to the blog and my Facebook page for details on the next challenge.

Again, many thank yous for your support! I appreciate you all! And to my fellow DietBet Challenge winners, CONGRATULATIONS!

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