#FlashbackFriday – Super Hero Halloween

Ellen Tailor Super Mario Bros Luigi

Ok, I have a confession. This wasn’t Halloween. Now before you think I go around dressing up as Mario often, I don’t. This was a Super Hero themed birthday party a few years ago but this costume might be making another appearance this year. That is if someone doesn’t buy it first.

The Mario Bros. hat, mustache and white gloves are for sale in my Poshmark Closet. With their quick 2-day shipping, you’ll easily have it by Halloween. Also listed are clothes, jackets, accessories and jewelry from my very own closet. Most of the pieces have been featured on this very blog! Check out my Poshmark Closet HERE.

Weight Loss Wednesday #12 – The Truth Hurts

Today’s lesson: The truth hurts.

We chat about a wide array of things on “Fitz in the Morning” and we just so happened to be talking about weight loss. I learned, the hard way, that my co-host Tony is going to be the guy who gives you the truth whether you want to hear it or not. While on the air, I asked him point blank, “Do you think I need to lose weight?” His response, “Yeah. You need to lose a few pounds.” Ouch.

I cried. On the air. Like a total amateur. I like to think I hid it well but despite my hurt feelings, he was right. Do I think he should have pointed it out like that in front of everyone? Absolutely not. But was he wrong? Absolutely not.

Now we can argue whether or not he should have lied to me but I realized I wasn’t upset that he said it. I was upset because it was the truth. I do need to lose more weight and if this isn’t motivation to stick to the plan, I don’t know what is!

Ellen Tailor Weight Loss WednesdayCheers to the latest before and after photos! After the day I had, I needed to see this progress. I’m down nearly 20 inches and 21 pounds. I really wish I had worn a different top when I started taking these pictures because I think the difference would be much more noticeable but all I wanted to do then was hide behind baggy outfits.

I go into every month thinking that this will be the time I plateau. Would today be that day my nightmare becomes a reality? I’m raking my brain about everything I put in my mouth the past month. Every time I made an excuse not to go to the gym.

Making excuses not to go to the gym isn’t a factor anymore. Precor Home Fitness heard about my journey, read my Weight Loss Wednesday posts and they decided they could help. I couldn’t be happier to work with them!

There’s no better investment to make than in yourself. Think about it. We waste stupid amounts of money on gimmicky equipment that doesn’t work. Save your pennies and check out your local Precor Home Fitness. I talked to Brian at the Bellevue, Wash., location and explained my goals. He set me up with everything I needed to succeed.

Having a specialized “gym” at my house has been a God sent. I wish I would have done it sooner. I can stumble downstairs without worrying about what I look like or if someone’s going to judge me. My dog, Charlie, even keeps me company as I sweat on the treadmill!

Thank you so much for all of your kind words and support on this blog, my Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages as well. I read every single comment and am constantly overwhelmed by the outpouring. You all are very kind! Thank you again. xo.

First Fall Purchase

Ellen Tailor Blanket Scarf Zara

Scarf, Poshmark via Zara (Similar and cheaper options here and here) //
Jacket, old, similar ASOS (It’s on sale, too!) // T-Shirt, Old Navy // Gray Denim, Old Navy //
Booties, Liberty Black via HauteLook (Similar pair here)
Ring, old (I’m selling this in my Poshmark closet) // Watch, Michael Kors (On sale!)
Bracelet, House of Harlow via Rocksbox // Necklace, Gorjana via Rocksbox
Photos by Stephanie Smith // Mockingbird Photography

While it’s been sunny in Seattle well into October, I have to admit I’m ready for Fall. My first purchase of the season was this blanket scarf that I have seen all over the place. Normally I don’t like to buy what everyone else has but this was a no-brainer. It’s soft and HUGE!

Pair the scarf with my new favorite (and inexpensive!) distressed denim, some rented accessories from Rocksbox, with a bold lip and you’ve got a comfy yet fashionable Fall outfit. If you don’t know what Rocksbox is, do yourself and your wallet a favor and check out this post.

As the holidays quickly approach, keep checking back for posts with the latest sales and ways for you to save. Also, a big thank you to the wonderful Stephanie Smith for the beautiful photos!

Ellen Tailor Blanket Scarf Zara

Ellen Tailor Blanket Scarf Zara

Ellen Tailor Rocks Box Gorjana Necklace


Ellen Tailor Rocks Box House of Harlow Bracelet


Rocks Box Does It Again

I’m an accessories addict. With the clasping of a necklace or slip of a bracelet, accessories can turn any bland outfit trendy. Let’s be serious though. Jewelry, especially costume jewelry, is expensive! Cue RocksBox.

Ellen Tailor RocksBox

Jewelry is hand-selected by RocksBox stylists for you to wear on loan for as long as you like. When you’re done with it, mail the jewels back in the prepaid envelope. Can’t live without it? Buy it, at a discount! You can return as many RocksBox sets as you like for just $19 a month. I used this LINK and got my first month free. This is my second box this month! (Check out my first box here.)

Ellen Tailor Rocks Box

All of the goodies are packed beautifully in pretty pouches. This month, my stylist sent me a necklace, bracelet and gorgeous earrings.


Loren Hope Abba Earrings – RSP $68 // RocksBox Price $54 – While these are absolutely gorgeous, I never would have picked them out for myself. I’m so glad my stylist sent them over. They were fun to try but not something I’d wear enough to justify buying


Gorjana Greer V-Neck Necklace – RSP $65 // RocksBox Price $52 – I really really like these delicate necklaces. They’re easy to layer or even wear alone.

Ellen Tailor RocksBox House of Harlow BraceletHouse of Harlow 1960 Sunburst Bangle – RSP $68 // RocksBox Price $54 – I’ve been eyeing House of Harlow accessories at Nordstrom for longer than I can remember. I haven’t been able to choose what I want to buy so I like that I can test drive them with RocksBox.

I’m mailing the goods back today and can’t wait to see what will be in my next box. I can totally justify $19 a month on this little box of goodness! Try RocksBox and get your first month FREE using this link, then show me the jewels your stylist picked for you.

Weight Loss Wednesday #11 – Squats & Stilettos

Look good. Feel good. That’s always been my motto and now I’m starting to believe it! Before I continue, it’s important we celebrate this momentous occasion.

It was 13 years ago today that my trainer, and dear friend, Karen reached her goal weight! If you don’t know her story, I highly suggest you check out this blog post. The before and after pics are impressive alone. Congratulations to you Karen for changing your life and sticking with it, especially after two babies! You’ve changed not only your life but mine too, as well as the lives of countless others. Karen, you’re a constant inspiration that it’s hard as hell but it can be done. Thank you for sharing your struggles and knowledge with me.

Karen Burton Fitness

Thank you to all of you for following along with my weight loss journey. Also a very special thank you to my friend Audrey who gifted me, and Karen, with these oh-so-amazing tanks from FITspiration Couture. Check out the wide array of tanks, tees, and long sleeve tops along with bottoms and jewelry for kids and adults alike. They’re all fully customizable, too! Pick the slogan you like, the type of top you want and even the color. There’s also a bunch of fun maternity options. Go ahead and click here to see all of the goodness that is FITspiration Couture.

With the right threads, I’m even more motivated to achieve my goals. I have a pretty lofty one for the month of October and I’m excited about taking the adventure to the next level with the help of Precor Home Fitness but more on that (and my new home gym!) soon. As always, thank you again for reading and the kind words! xo.

PS. To those of you in the greater Seattle area that have asked me for Karen’s contact info, check out her site here. :)

Ellen Tailor Karen Burton FITspiration Couture

c/o FITspiration Couture

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