#tbt – Super Bowl Champion Does My Makeup

In the spirit of the big game this weekend, let’s take a look back to when my bestie and Super Bowl XLVIII Champion, Greg Scruggs, attempted to do my makeup. God bless!

And when you thought it couldn’t get better, check out the footage that was left on the cutting room floor. 60 seconds worth of bloopers!

Who are YOU rooting for this weekend? Since my team is out, I need someone to cheer for. Shout out your team in the comment section below. :) #GoHawks

Weight Loss Wednesday – A Salad A Day

Weight loss is a personal journey. A path you want to travel on quietly because sharing struggles is scary. On the flip side, you want to revel in the successes with anyone who will listen.

I began these “Weight Loss Wednesday” posts and quickly attracted a rather large following. Thank you. But because of that, I lost track of my end goal. I found myself doing things for blog posts and not for myself. I needed to start being selfish therefore, I kept this part of my life private.

I can’t promise that I’ll post every Wednesday. I can promise that I’ll share when I feel the time is right and today is one of those days. With that said, I’m 3 days into my February goal.

Anyone can do anything for a month. Especially a month that only has 29 days. (Damn you, Leap Year.) It’s simple. Eat a salad a day. My local grocery store has pre-made salads that are pretty damn good. I’ve never been the girl who craves a salad, (I mean, who are these people that do?!) but whenever I force myself to chow down on them, I really find it enjoyable! Who knows how long this will last but I’ve got high hopes. I’m 3-for-3. Wahoo!

Now here’s the hard part. I’m also trying REALLY hard to make this a no-fried-food-February. That’s my downfall. I love me some fresh French fries. Hell, I’ll eat cold stale fries. I love them that much. What I don’t love is the spare tire eating those golden goodies leaves behind.

Seeing the end goal can easily become overwhelming. I’m focusing on two mini goals. Eating a salad daily and staying away from my vices. Will I make it 29 days? I don’t know. But, so far, I’ve made it three days longer than I did last month. I’ll chalk that up as a win.

What are your mini goals? Goals that you’ll be able to accomplish in the next 30 days?

Tailored Peek Into the Week of January 9 – 15, 2016

This week was filled with birthday celebrations and the nation was swept by the Powerball craze. Here’s the week through my eyes…

Ellen Tailor SeattleMy mom always asks if I’ll ever move back to Michigan. January sunsets like this in Seattle make it really hard to want to go back to the snowy tundra that is the Midwest.

Ellen Tailor Birthday

The last photo ever taken of me as a 30-year-old. Hours later I’d turn thirty-ONEderful. Call me crazy but I have a feeling this is going to be one hell of a year for me! I can’t wait to see what’s to come.

Ellen Tailor Alexis Smith

At the risk of sounding cliche, I’ve been blessed beyond words with some wonderful people in my life. Being so far away from home, my friends have become my family. Meet my best friend, Alexis. Words can’t begin to describe how much this girl brings to my life. xoxo

Ellen Tailor Powerball Kirkland Banana Republic

::sigh:: Ignorance sure is bliss. This photo was snapped the day before the billion dollar Powerball jackpot was drawn. I had $20 worth of tickets in my hand and was daydreaming of how many lives I’d change with all of that money. I woke up the next day and realized, like many people, that I was a loser. 😉

Ellen Tailor Charlie 31

Then there’s this guy. My little ham. My little Charlie! I have no idea how he managed to sneak in those balloons but what a gem. 😉 Thank you again for all of the well wishes on my birthday. If you missed it, watch my vlog and follow me throughout the day.

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VLOG – My Thirty ONEderful Birthday

The love I have for my birthday will always far outweigh the age I’m becoming. You’ll never meet anyone else that loves their birthday more than me. 😉 Follow me as I go about my day from work, to play, and even more play.

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And I Know When That Hotline Bling

Ellen Tailor OPI Baublebar

Lips; NYX Intense Butter Gloss “Black Cherry Tart” // Nails; OPI “Ce-less-tial is More”
Rings; Baublebar // iPhone Case; Casemate Brilliance

This is what happens when you ask that your manicure match your iPhone case. 😉 I’m celebrating my birthday with a whole lot of bling! Technically my birthday isn’t until the 11th but one day isn’t enough for me so I’ve dedicated a whole weekend to spoiling myself. #NoShame

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