A JewelMint Review

Besides being on the verge of death, the second worst thing about being sick is the lack of restraint when it comes to online shopping. I’ve discovered my new favorite jewelry site…JewelMint!

JewelMint is a jewelry subscription box service much like IPSY is for beauty. Keep reading for not one, but TWO, promo codes that you can use! Here’s how JewelMint works:

After stalking the site for weeks I finally decided to give JewelMint a shot. Using a promo code, I was able to buy two pieces for the price of one ($29.99).

#1 – The Rethink Pink Necklace

Ellen Tailor JewelMint Rethink Pink Necklace - 2Ellen Tailor JewelMint Rethink Pink Necklace - 1#2 – The Xena Necklace

Ellen Tailor JewelMint Xena Necklace - 2 Ellen Tailor JewelMint Xena Necklace - 1

Within hours of purchase, I was emailed a tracking code and my goodies were on their way. Talk about fast! Within a week I was able to get my grubby hands all over my new gems.

Ellen Tailor JewelMint Necklaces - 2 Ellen Tailor JewelMint Necklaces - 1

I had read plenty of reviews before taking the plunge and I think those that write negative ones are expecting too much from JewelMint. Here’s the thing, they don’t claim to be gold! It’s costume jewelry. They often have great deals, promotions, and ways to earn Style Points that can be used towards discounts. Would I spend $29.99 for every piece on the site? No. Is it fun to spend a mindless afternoon searching the site for a great find? Absolutely!

Want to give JewelMint a try? Here areΒ TWO promo codes you can use for your first purchase.

JMFIRST8 – $8.99 First Piece (Excludes Collective, Mystery Boxes, Sale Items and Studio Series. Code set up for pieces valued at $29.99.)

1FORYOU – Get 2 Pieces for $29.99 (Excludes sale items, Collective Collection pieces, Studio Series pieces, and Mystery Boxes. Promo code discount will be equal to the value of 1 credit piece.)

Click HERE to try JewelMint for yourself!

Remember:Β JewelMint is a subscription service box. It’s very easy to skip a month without being charged the monthly $29.99. All it takes is a simple click between the 1st and 5th of every month. If you forget to skip, you’ll earn a credit that can be used for a future purchase. You’re able to cancel your subscription at anytime.

Are you already subscribed to JewelMint? Which pieces are your favorite? Are there any other subscription boxes you absolutely love?