Breaking Up Is Hard To Do

Ellen Tailor Dog Charlie
My best friend, Charlie.

When I moved cross country, my top two priorities were to 1) find a great vet for my dog, Charlie, and 2) find a great hairstylist. These two things trumped finding a place to live and even a man to date. We got lucky with a puppy doc but I wish I could say the same about a stylist.

You might remember a few weeks ago I wanted to update my look for my upcoming birthday. The goal was to go dark on top and add pieces of royal purple underneath for a pop of fun. The purple didn’t show up and I was okay with an all over black color.

Over the next several days, my tub would be stained purple every time I’d take a shower! The color was clearly fading. A few days later I was meeting a friend for lunch on a rare sunny Seattle afternoon. I was mortified when I caught a glimpse of my hair in the rear view mirror. I looked like a peacock! Thank goodness I could hide this rainbow mess with some convenient styling.

Ellen Tailor Colored Hair
Before: A Multi-Color Mess

Let me make it clear that I do not believe the stylist tried to make this happen. I’ll spare you the details but it was time to find a new person to take care of my hair. I frantically tried to find someone who could fix this! Cue Gene Juarez.

I was introduced to Tony at the Downtown Seattle salon and I could immediately tell he understood me. Tony has an innate way of incorporating someone’s style with their dream hair. We chatted about long term color goals and the importance of healthy hair. It was time to give my tresses a break from coloring chemicals but not before covering the multicolored uh-oh.

Tony suggested giving my hair some TLC and used a Kerastase Aqua Oleum treatment. It helps strengthen and adds a crazy amount of shine! Tony laughed and said, “Ellen! Men will see their reflection in your hair!” and he wasn’t kidding! I left Gene Juarez feeling like Gisele Bundchen on the catwalk of a Victoria Secret fashion show.

Ellen Tailor Gene Juarez Shiny Hair
After: So SHINY the men can see their reflection in my hair!

I was so impressed by my entire Gene Juarez experience that I walked right back in and got a “fanicure” from Aiden. The glittery Seahawk themed manicure (not to mention the amazing conversation!) was exactly the pampering I needed.

Ellen Tailor Seahawk Fanicure Gene Juarez
Seahawks Fanicure c/o Gene Juarez.
Bronco colors available for a $20 upcharge!

While it’s true that breaking up is hard to do, Gene Juarez proved that the only way to get over a stylist is to wind up in the chair of another one. A big thank you to Tony, Aiden, and the entire GJ staff! I believe this is just the beginning of a beautiful relationship.