Dark Hair Don’t Care

Ellen Tailor Hair FrontIt was time for a change. Leading up to my birthday I wanted to freshen up the ‘do. Doing something extreme with the cut is something I don’t have the guts for…yet. I’ve never steered away from color though!

Light. Really light. That was the plan. Once I got into the salon, plans changed. I got overwhelmed and after an hour of changing my mind back and forth and back again, I had made a decision!ย It was time to go back to black.

This is more of my natural color and it looks so much richer and healthier than before! See the frizz in the before photo? That’s due to ponytails! Ladies, do not use those ugly, constricting, hair ties because this is what will happen! Instead, I suggest using a Love-Me-Knot type hair tie. It won’t break your hair. Give your tresses a break and wear your hair down as often as possible. I’ve also heard that taking prenatal vitamins, especially Biotin, helps build healthy hair (and nails!) May I remind you I’m not a doctor.ย This was simply something I’ve heard.

Ellen Tailor Hair Back

Rarely do we see the back of our heads so when I saw this photo side-by-side, I was floored. I couldn’t believe how awful and unhealthy my hair looked before! We trimmed it up a bit and I’m completely content with the look now.

This is the last time I’ll be this dark for a while. I have every intention of going lighter and lighter throughout the spring and into summer. I’m even toying with the idea of a drastic cut but let’s not get ahead of ourselves just yet! What hair trends are you hoping to try?

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  1. Your hair looks beautiful! Amazing what a haircut can do. You should check out Creo Care products. They are amazing. My daughter has dry frizzy ringlet hair and these products are the only ones that tame her tresses and she doesn’t need to use after products. The same products work perfectly on my fine straight hair without weighing it down.

  2. Ellen, your hair looks beautiful!!! I agree about the hair ties and even my eight year old daughter has been shocked at the breakage on her otherwise, silky and thick hair. Also, DO NOT CUT YOUR HAIR SHORTER!!! Seriously, I just went from long hair to a bob and while I do this periodically, the older (and slightly heavier I get) I SO regret it! My hair is usually long and pretty, layered like yours. I think your hair gives you a “glamorous” look that you won’t have with shorter hair. Shorter leaves me feeling more matronly and frumpy. YOU look GREAT with long hair, and your HAIR is also beautiful! Most women don’t have both of those going for them. Keep your long hair! You won’t regret it! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  3. I’ve been using Moriccan oil on the ends of my hair for about six months now and my hair has NEVER been so healthy and strong! My hair used to be really damaged and full of split ends, but now it’s grown long and healthy.

  4. Ellen, if. You want an awesome hair dresser and great salon, call Gary Marshall Salon down by Lake Union and ask for David Campbell to do your hair, he is AMAZING, and coloring is his expertise. You will love him and the salon, it is just down from Whole Foods. Let me know if you see him!