I Got Naked in Public

Crazy to think that it was 5 years ago that I voluntarily got naked in front of strangers all in honor of my mom. Sounds weird, right? Here’s why I did it…

November 16, 2009 – Grand Rapids, MI (TAKE FIVE & CO) — At the beginning of October, Ellen Tailor of HOT-FM’s “Todd Chance Radio Show” embarked on an ambitious fundraiser to help local survivors of breast cancer. Her mother was diagnosed with the disease just over a year ago. After undergoing treatment, she is now a survivor. Tailor decided to challenge listeners, if they could raise $10,000 to help other survivors, she would “bare it all” and pose in the buff for an art class at Kendall College.

“She and other breast cancer patients are poked and prodded and feel so vulnerable when they are being put out there, that me doing this art class is nothing compared to what they go through,” said Tailor.

Just one month later, listeners had held up their end of the bargain, and $11,700 was donated to the Compassionate Cancer Care Center at Metro Health Village.

WZZM 13 was the ONLY television station allowed in the classroom while Tailor held up her end of the deal and posed in the buff for the class. Click on the above video to watch the experience and hear what her mother thought of her experience.