First Impressions Part Tres – NYX Intense Butter Gloss

After this, I’m cutting myself off. There are 12 NYX Intense Butter Glosses. I’ve found 11. Watch below for my first impression and review as well as why I can’t find that last one. Grr…

These are great colors that can be found at Ulta. However, my suggestion is to buy them online. Many of the stores don’t have all of the colors in stock or they’re sold out.

As for the videos, I’m looking for some honest feedback. Are you digging them? Should I keep doing them or stop? What types of videos would YOU like to see?


  1. I think you can wear any color and it looks good! I’m jealous and as a red head who can’t find anything that isn’t too pink or orange. Sephora loves me, cause I keep trying!$$$$$