Flannel + Leather = Hillbilly Bad Ass?



The last time I wore this flannel top, I got made fun of. People said not-so-nice things and deservedly so! I’m trying to save the shirt by pairing it with this leather jacket and different accessories. Hopefully this is better?

Leather Jacket – UNIQLO
Shirt – Target
Jeans – Old Navy
Boots – Nordstrom Rack


  1. “People said some not so nice things and deservedly so.”
    Hey lady – I’m sorry but I cannot just let that pass by! You are truly one of my biggest inspirations, (as I have told you before, I still listen to you from MI!) both in radio AND in style! I saw the comments you got when you first wore that shirt, and – #1 it looked perfectly fine! and #2 you absolutely did NOT deserve those comments. Don’t ever justify the bullies around you. You are strong and fabulous and do not need to put up with bullshit. Embrace your body and don’t let anyone trash talk it – it’s the only one you’re ever going to get.