From Ellen

Ellen Tailor Charlie Dog Juanita Beach

I’m a girl that gets paid to talk. Literally. But when my boss at the radio station told me I had to start blogging everyday, I was none-too-thrilled. What the heck would I write about that people would actually read?

I started posting daily pictures of my outfits. But I was worried people would find the whole thing self-serving, so I stopped. Shortly thereafter, listeners started asking for me to bring the blog back so I did.

What began as a simple #ootd post has evolved into a full blown blog about my favorite looks, products, and a glimpse into my life outside of the studio. I’m also public about my journey towards better health with “Weight Loss Wednesday” posts.

As the blog began to evolve, I felt the need to grow along with it. Spending an entire summer submerged in YouTube videos, I taught myself how to film, edit and produce my own videos. I don’t claim to be a professional stylist or makeup artist. Simply put, I wear things that I love and like to share my finds with you!

More about me. I’m a single woman trying to make my way in a man’s world. I’m a CMA nominated morning radio personality on the hit country show, Fitz in the Morning, based in Seattle, WA, and heard nationwide. I’m a Michigan native, a recovering Diet Coke addict, puppy lover, and sports supporter. I find the term, “It’s all Greek to me,” amusing because I’m 100% Greek and speak it fluently. I also love spoiling my dog, Charlie, with lots of treats and attention.

I’m a real woman, with real curves, and real problem areas that I like to hide. My idea of style is confidence! It makes me feel comfortable in my own skin. If there’s ever anything you’d like to see in the blog, feel free to contact me.

Thanks for taking the time to stop by and enjoy!