How To: Apply False Lashes

Did you get false lashes in your IPSY bag this month and thought, “How the hell do I put these things on?” Here’s a quick step-by-step guide on how to apply falsies like a pro.

Ellen Tailor False Eye Lashes

Step 1 – Measure the strip against your lash line to make sure it fits your eye shape. If it needs to be shortened, cut the outer edge with a pair of small scissors.

Step 2 – Bend both ends of the strip into a U-shape and hold for a few seconds. This helps mold the lash to the curved shape of your eye. Doing this will make the following steps so much easier.

Step 3 – Apply a small amount of lash glue onto the strip. You can apply directly from the glue bottle or put some on the end of a makeup brush. Lash glue often times comes in white and will dry clear. I prefer brown lash glue.

Step 4 – Let the glue set for 15-20 seconds. You want the glue to be tacky rather than slimy. Slimy lashes wiggle around. Tacky lashes are easier to manage.

Step 5 – Place the lashes right on the base of your actual lashes, not on the eyelid. Don’t worry about starting over if you do leave a space. Just fill it in with a black liner.

Step 6 – Let the glue dry for a couple of minutes then curl your lashes with a lash curler.

Step 7 – Apply one coat of mascara to help blend the false lashes to your actual ones.

Step 8 – Go out and flaunt those peepers to everyone!

Above are a few of my favorite false lashes ranging in prices and quality. My personal favorite are those from Noir Lash Lounge in “Weapons of Mass Destruction.” They’re a tad bit more expensive but you get what you pay for and the quality is unrivaled.

Falsies are a fun way to sex up your look. I love using these for a night out with the gals or on a hot date. Don’t let lashes intimidate you! Practice makes perfect and hopefully these steps helped you out.

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