It’s Not a Bike Ride, It’s a Mission

The only thing I’ve ever finished was a value meal from McDonald’s. That was until I crossed the Obliteride finish line!

Obliteride is not just a bike ride, it’s a mission. 100% of every dollar raised benefits the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center. Living in Seattle, it’s an honor to support a local cause but Fred Hutch has helped cancer patients globally. This was where bone marrow transplants were discovered and first implemented. The hallways of Fred Hutch house not one, not two, but three Nobel Peace Prizes.

08.11.14 - Ellen Tailor Obliteride 1

The weekend kicked off at Gas Works Park where I was able to host the Opening Kickoff. I had just flown back into town from Chicago and rushed to the party. The weather was amazing and Tom Douglas even catered the event. Yum!

08.11.14 - Ellen Tailor Obliteride 3

Much love to Element Cycles in Redmond for setting me up with this oh-so-pretty bike! They outfitted me with a bike, helmet, and padded shorts that were an absolute life saver during the ride.

08.11.14 - Ellen Tailor Obliteride 2

Due to construction, the route turned into a 30-mile ride as opposed to 25. I almost quit 37 times during the first half. I thought of excuse after excuse. At one point, I even prayed a bee would sting me. Being allergic, I’d have to be rushed to the hospital. Listen to that! I would have rather been in the ER than finish the ride. Sheesh!

Once I hit halfway I started to get emotional because I knew I was going to do this. I was actually going to finish! I nearly broke down in tears a few times. There were many reasons why I didn’t though. The support I was receiving through my social media channels was unreal! Fellow riders would cheer me on. T.I.’s No Mediocre strangely popped up on my playlist exactly when I needed it. And the biggest sign of all was when the bike route took me right past the Greek Orthodox Church. I heard you loud and clear, God! So I kept peddling.

Four hours after starting the ride, I saw the finish line. It was right there! My butt was numb. My quads were on fire. I wasn’t first. I wasn’t last. I didn’t care though. I was going to finish!

08.11.14 - Ellen Tailor Obliteride 5

Holy crap! I did it! Sure, I walked up a few hills. Yeah, I was a tad bit slow. BUT SHIT YEAH I DID IT! I was overwhelmed with pride knowing I had finished this in honor of my mom, the breast cancer survivor.

08.11.14 - Ellen Tailor Obliteride 4There’s still time to help the amazing work happening at Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center. If I can ride 30 miles, you can open your wallet and donate a few bucks. Thank you to everyone who helped support my ride! This will be a lifelong shining moment for me!



      1. Way to go, Ellen! It all starts with 30 miles! You did a great job on Friday night and your blog comments are SPOT ON!its not a race, it’s a ride. Cool people do this together and we are happy you are doing Obliteride!