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Ellen Tailor Portland Trail Blazers Red LipSure, I played golf in high school. Yes, I was a cheerleader. Hell I even coached after I graduated. But to say I was an athlete is a filthy lie. However, that doesn’t mean I don’t love everything about sports! Basketball was my first love and I try to take in a Portland Trail Blazers game at least once a year.

The last thing you want to do is be “that girl” at a game traipsing around in heels you can barely walk in. Think about it people! You’re going to be walking up and down steps which can be tricky as it is. Factor in beer and you’re asking for a public face plant. For that reason alone I dressed from the bottom up.

Without a doubt I was going to wear my favorite boots tucked into leggings. You’ll remember the trick to wearing leggings is to pair it with a top that covers up your booty. Most women’s tops are cut short. Don’t be afraid to shop in the men’s section! That’s where I found this tank and I even bought it a few sizes too big to so it would flow and hide my ass.

Ellen Tailor Portland Trail Blazers Red Lips

The best thing about the Trail Blazers, next to Wes Matthews, is their team colors. This was a perfect excuse to flaunt my favorite red lipstick. My bestie, Alexis, turned me on to a game changing lip liner. I love Revlon’s Cherry Blossom but paired with this Urban Decay liner…WOW!

Whether your team is winning or losing, it brings fans together. I really got into sports when I moved across the country and didn’t know a single soul. Sports gives everyone a commonality despite their differences. Who are your favorite teams to cheer for?


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  1. I went to last Thursdays game but my red lipstick didn’t show up till Friday in my IPSY bag, would have been perfect. Great idea for the next I wonder how long it would take my hubby to stop laughing if i said we needed to buy tickets so i could wear my lipstick.. Try to go to several games a year but just to use the lipstick excuse coming from me (don’t usually wear it) would be hilarious.