The Holy Grail of Online Shopping

I told myself to stop. Stop buying shoes! But I’m a chick and really, who can resist shoes? Especially when you find a GREAT deal on them. I rediscovered HauteLook and my credit card has no idea what it. But it’s ok because they have luxury products for up to 75% off.

Now if you’re like me, you’re a little apprehensive about online shopping. Sure a place offers free returns but who wants to pay shipping, again, and deal with the hassle of mailing stuff out. What brought me back to Hautelook was that I could make easy returns to my local Nordstrom Rack. Heck yeah! I’m in! I’m so in that I impulse shopped the hell out of this site.

Ellen Tailor HauteLook Boots Camo Pants - 1 Ellen Tailor HauteLook Boots Camo Pants - 2

These boots are just the beginning of my binge. Originally $80, I nabbed these Bucca Tria Buckle Booties for only $28 bucks! New deals are on the HauteLook site daily at 8am PT and be sure to check them out because the goodies often sell out pretty quick.

Shamefully I’ve got to admit I have another, bigger, shipment that’s on it’s way. I bought everything with the intent of returning half of the items but let’s be serious, I probably won’t.

Check out HauteLook for yourself by clicking HERE. Don’t say I didn’t warn you. ;)

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