Twin Vision Fashion

Ellen Tailor Seattle Skyline Twin Vision FashionMy parents are local business owners so there’s nothing I enjoy more than shopping local. I stumbled on Twin Vision Fashion on Instagram and, being a proud Seattle Seahawks season ticket holder, loved all of their 12th Man apparel!

Blue Friday in the Northwest is our way of supporting our beloved Seahawks and this Friday is an especially important one. This weekend we face our arch-rivals the San Francisco 49ers. (Or as I refer to them, the Forty-Whiners.) To mark the occasion I knew I had to wear something special.

This Seattle skyline sweatshirt is nothing less than AWESOME! Sure it’s loud but that what the 12th Man is known for. We’re so loud we even registered on the richtor scale. Seahawks fans created an earthquake, literally, during last Monday’s game against the New Orleans Saints. When wearing a loud piece like this, make sure to pair it with basic pants and shoes. I also chose to do minimal makeup so it wouldn’t take away from the printed sweatshirt.

Check out Twin Vision Fashion‘s array of Seahawk themed sunglasses, unique Beast Mode t-shirts, and brand new 12th Man yoga pants. Santa if you’re reading this, I’d love the navy pair! (Message me for my size because there’s no way in hell I’m telling everyone! 🙂 )

Sweatshirt: c/o Twin Vision Fashion; Pants; Old Navy; Boots; Steve Madden

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