#Unauthorized Zack Morris Interview

As I write this, I’m up past my bedtime watching the Unauthorized Saved by the Bell movie on Lifetime. It hasn’t been on long enough for me to decide whether or not I like it but it did bring back a ton of memories. Memories of my tween years and how I would have given anything to be Kelly Kapowski.

While I’ve been blessed to have met and interviewed plenty of celebrities during my career in radio, the highlight was meetingΒ the Zack Morris! Mark-Paul Gosselaar frequents my hometown of Grand Rapids, Mich., and I got the chance to interview him not once, but twice.

Let me warn you that my interviewing skills were rough! Mix that with my anxiousness of meeting my idol and I was a mess. But it was a fun mess!

If you had the chance to meet and interview any celebrity, who would it be and what would you ask?