Unboxing: IPSY February 2014

It’s my favorite time of month! It’s IPSY Day!!! If you don’t know, IPSY is a subscription box that costs $10 a month. 4-5 beauty products (think make-up, hair, lotions, etc.) are delivered to your door in a super cute GLAM BAG each month. Here’s what came in my February bag:

Ellen Tailor IPSY Unboxing February 2014

The picture doesn’t do the make-up bag justice. The outside is plain but the inside has a fun pink leopard print. Initially I was excited about what was inside. That was until I tried everything out. But first, the good…

Zoya Nail Polish in “Odette” – omg. This is the second bottle of Zoya polish I’ve received from IPSY and I’m OOOOOOBSESSED. The color is gorgeous, long lasting, and it’s even vegan friendly. Love that this is a full size bottle, too. Full Size: $9

Jesse’s Girl 9 Pan Eye Shadow Compact in “Tickled Pink” – I didn’t know this brand made eye shadows but I’m excited to give this palette a try. The colors seem really pigmented and not chalky. The true test will be whether or not it can last all day. Full Size: $3.99

First Aid Beauty Skin Rescue Deep Cleanser with Red Clay – I’ve been testing out new skin care products and this was a great find. While I think this would work best for fighting oily skin, which I don’t have, I like the way it smells and makes my skin feel. Full Size: $24

The Meh

Mally Beauty Evercolor Starlight Waterproof Eyeliner in “Starlight” – I’m not a big fan of this metallic eyeliner trend. The more I think about it though, I’m actually kind of glad I got it. This pencil is perfect for the lower lash line. Don’t line your lower lash line with a dark color. It’ll only make your peepers look smaller! Instead, use a light color pencil to make your eyes pop. This is another full size product in this month’s bag. Yay! Full Size: $15

And now for the OH HELLLLLL NAW…

Ellen Tailor IPSY Unboxing February 2014ew. Ew. EW!

POP Beauty Plump Pout Mini in “Peony Petal” – I was stoked about the color and thought this would be great to carry along in my purse. That was until I opened it. What’s that STANK?! This stuff smells disgusting. Then I made the mistake of actually trying it on. If I had to imagine what rotting coconuts would taste like, this would be it. I’d pay money NOT to wear this. Gross. Full Size: $16 

Update: I contacted Ipsy Cares about the poo-poo lip gloss. They were so nice and prompt with their response. They’re sending me a replacement product so I’ll make sure to post what it is once it arrives.

Despite the nasty lip gloss I’d say this month’s IPSY bag was a big win! The three full size products alone retail for $28 which is totally worth the $10 I spent on the entire bag. If you’d like to sign up for your own IPSY bag, which I highly suggest you do because it’s A-MAZING, click HERE.

Subscribed to IPSY? What’d you get in YOUR bag? Is there any subscription box you’re currently subscribed to? I’d love to know what you’re digging! Please comment below. 🙂


  1. I love IPSY, even though I don’t love every single product I get. It’s like getting a birthday present every month! This month I got the same Zoya nail polish, eyeliner and lip gloss as you. I also got the eye shadow, but in the blue shades (not crazy about it, but they are VERY pigmented). The last thing I got was some sort of argon oil for your hair (haven’t tried that one out yet though). I was hoping for the other shade of nail polish because I already have this shade, but I still like it. Not crazy about the eyeliner or the lip gloss, though mine didn’t smell funky lol. I’m really hoping for some great powder blush and a nice bold lip color soon!

    1. I always get so happy when I see that bright pink package in my mailbox each month. I’m jealous that you got the blue shadow! That’s the color I was secretly hoping for. I usually retake the quiz every month but I loved everything I got in my bag (minus the lip gloss haha) that I won’t retake it. Fingers crossed next month is just as good!

  2. I got the Zoya in Odette, the lipgloss in Fuchsia Freesia (mine didn’t stink?), the Skyn Iceland mask; City Color blush in Fresh Melon and the J Cat lashes. The only thing I didn’t like was the lashes…don’t use them, don’t need them. I was blessed with long, thick dark lashes (thanks Dad!). Overall though a good bag. Just leave the darn lashes out in the future! 🙂

  3. Hey Ellen,
    I’m thinking about signing up for IPSY but what do you do with the stuff you don’t want? It seems like there might be quite a few things you don’t use.

    1. I find that I use a lot of the things. However, if there’s stuff I don’t use I pass it along to a friend who might enjoy it. Even if one product is something I won’t use, the value of the rest is well worth the $10 in my opinion.

  4. That face cleanser is really good stuff especially for oily skin. I am loving the nail polish and matte blush that came in my Ipsy bag. I didn’t notice a bad smell to my lipgloss but now that it’s been pointed out I probably will.

      1. I thought I got the Peony but didn’t notice the smell. Truthfully smells don’t tend to bug me that much. Now if a gloss is too sticky or oily that is a different story. Hahaha The matte blush is nice. Or course I just bought a Nars blush over the weekend. I am kind of a blush whore though so that was OK. Do you watch makeup YouTube tutorials? Is so, who are your favorite youtubers? I like Casey Holmes, Missglamorazzi, Makeup By Tiffany D, It’s Judy Time, and I could go on and on.

        1. hahaha I’m a big Nars whore, too. I watched an INSANE number of YouTube makeup videos over the weekend. In fact, I want to start my own channel haha. The only one I hadn’t heard of was It’s Judy Time but I checked her out and like her! Thanks for the suggestion. My personal favorite, hands down, is Nicole Guerriero. I also watch Eleventh Gorgeous when the unbox their IPSY bags (but I find them kind of annoying).

          1. I watch Nicole Guerriero and Eleventh Gorgeous too. It’s Judy Time is local to Seattle so I like watching her. She is 35 weeks pregnant with identical twins so her makeup channel will probably slow way down for a while.

  5. This was my 2nd Ipsy bag. I LOVED it. I actually don’t mind the lip gloss. I love the color too! I received the same polish and eyeliner. The eyeliner is awesome for lower lash line and not something I would have normally gone for. I’m trying my polish tonight. I also got the lashes, I’m not a lash person, but figure they will be fun for a date night or girls night out. I also got the blush in Melon. It is super pigmented so a little goes a long way, but it looks great! I too get excited when I get that pink envelope in the mail!!

  6. Ellen, what’s the BEST thing you’ve ever received in the bag? And what’s the absolute WORST where nothing was appealing to you? Just curious. I’m thinking abou trying this out.

    1. Great questions! October was probably the best bag. I got my first bottle of Zoya nail polish which I’ve been obsessed with ever since. I also got some great makeup remover / face wipes, blow dry gel (which I never thought I’d need but haven’t been able to live without it!), a great hand lotion that’s perfect for my dry skin, and a gorgeous light pink lip liner. If I had to pick a worst it’d probably be December’s bag. The products were great! I just didn’t like the shades I received. But I retook the personalized quiz and have been happy with my bags ever since.

  7. This month was my first Ipsy bag and it was like Christmas waiting for it to come! I got the Lip Gloss in Fuscia Freesia, Matte Blush in Fresh Melon, same nail polish as you, Jcat lashes, and Skyn fresh start mask. I love everything that was in my bag! My lip gloss didn’t stink, although it is a different shade than yours, but the color is a bit too intense for me. Luckily once I blotted it a bit it was perfect. I love my first bag!

    1. So glad you had a great first bag experience! I contacted IPSY about my lip gloss and they’re sending me a replacement product. Their customer service is aaaamazing.