Week In Review

So many updates about so many fantastic items featured in the #WhatsETWearing posts over the past week! Keep reading to find out how to get free products with Younique, how IPSY plans to make up for their nasty lip gloss, and an encouraging update on the Dr. Oz weight loss plan including a delicious recipe for you to try!

With over 200 entries the Younique Fiber Lash Mascara giveaway was a hit! If you purchased the mascara, please message Justine on Facebook (Link HERE) with your order # and tell her I sent you and she’ll include a free pigment. You can still purchase the amazing mascara that promises to increase your lashes 300% by clicking HEREIn case you missed it: Check out the review and see the Flirty & Sexy pigments HERE.

Ellen Tailor Younique 3D Fiber Lash Mascara

Apparently I wasn’t the only one that received the POP lipgloss in my IPSY bag this month. In case you missed it: If I had to imagine what rotting coconut smelled and tasted like, this was it. I reached out to IPSY Cares and got a prompt response apologizing for the product and they’re even mailing a replacement product, too! I will remain a loyal IPSY customer because their product is awesome AND the customer service is the best I’ve ever encountered. If you got the nasty gloss, reach out to IPSY Cares by clicking HERE.

Ellen Tailor IPSY

Now for the update many of you have been asking about. How’s the Dr. Oz Two-Week Rapid Weight Loss Plan going? I thought my scale was lying. There was no way that number could be real. How much I’ve lost in just five days coming up but first, I was able to stick to this plan by being creative with my food including these oh-so-delicious stuffed peppers.

Ellen Tailor Dr. Oz Approved Stuffed Peppers Recipe

The recipe is simple!

  • Cook 1lb. ground turkey and add your preferred spices (just stay away from the salt.) I used taco seasonings and red pepper flakes because I like my food spicy.
  • Cook 1 cup brown rice as directed then mix it with the ground turkey.
  • Add vegetables. I used onions and mushrooms because that’s all that I had but feel free to add whatever you like from the Dr. Oz approved list (which is pretty much anything.)
  • Cut the tops off of your red peppers and stuff them with your rice and ground turkey mix.
  • Stick your peppers in the oven at 350 for 20-25 minutes.
  • I added shredded lettuce and used plain Greek yogurt as a substitute for sour cream.
  • Voila! Eat and enjoy!

Recipes like this are what kept me on track and this lifestyle change is no joke! I’ve lost 5 pounds and it hasn’t even been a whole week yet! I’ll admit that half way through day 2 I wound up with a headache. I believe it was a caffeine withdraw headache but it wasn’t anything a few Tylenol and Green Tea couldn’t kick. This plan is easy to stick to and simply put, I feel better! If you’re thinking about trying it, click HERE for the original post.

As always, thank you for being loyal #WhatsETWearing blog readers and be on the look out for even more amazing posts in the coming week!


  1. I also had issues with this month’s ipsy bag. I hated the smell of the lip gloss as well. In addition I also got some straightening oil that spilled all over my bag and everything inside. I sent them an email so I hope to hear back from them soon!

    1. Sorry to hear that Andrea! Similar thing happened with my very first Glam Bag. They sent me an entirely new bag within a few days. That left a great impression with me and I’ve been a loyal Ipster ever since.

  2. I just started the diet after hearing you guys do so well on it, but I cant seem to find any lunch and dinner recipes. What did you do for lunch? And where did you find your dinner recipes?