Weight Loss Wednesday #13 – A Constant Reminder

Ellen Tailor Stella & Dot
Photo c/o McKenzie Mikesell,Β Llorrac Photography

These might look like just necklaces to you, but to me they’re reminders of how far I’ve come.

I bought these necklaces shortly after I moved to Seattle in 2012. I wore them quite often and loved them. As I gained weight, the necklaces grew tighter and tighter around my neck. The sweet delicate pieces were turning into chokers. They were restricting. I felt like I couldn’t breathe. I had to stop wearing them.

As I started to get back to my “normal” self and lost a few pounds, my beloved necklaces started to loosen up again. This was my first non-scale victory and one that I remind myself of daily. Now that I can fit back into my favorite necklaces I don’t ever take them off.Β (That sounds silly. “Fit” into my necklaces?)

When I’m upset that the scale hasn’t moved or I’m struggling to stay on the wagon, I remember how great it felt to be able to wear these necklaces again. It may seem silly to most but it’s vital to have these reminders. Reminders that you are doing this. That you’re worth it. That you will succeed.

What are your non-scale victories? What tips do you have for staying on track?

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  1. THAT is an amazing accomplishment! I love hearing your journey, you are doing awesome! I myself have struggled with weight gain and loss I am all over the place! Sticking to it is the key! I LOVE the necklace! I wear that one almost every day!

  2. Hi Ellen,
    I have the same story with a twist. The first time I reached my goal weight I bought myself a heart necklace. This was to signify my love for myself. I then regained the weight, and then some, and I couldn’t wear it anymore. I have since lost the extra weight and can now “fit” my necklace and it’s a daily reminder that all I do to maintain my weight loss and healthy lifestyle is worth it. Keep up your efforts Ellen, it is definitely worth it and so are you

  3. One of my biggest NSV was being able to go indoor skydiving. I had to step on the scale in front of everyone and I wasn’t afraid to do it. I was proud of where I had come from. My highest weight was 315 and today I am about 185. Still a little to go but I feel so good. You are doing an amazing job. Keep up the good work.