Weight Loss Wednesday #14 – What Happened?!

This is the first Weight Loss Wednesday post in several weeks. Hell. Maybe even months. What happened? The answer is simple. Life.

A lot of changes are happening in my life. Granted, these are all good changes but change is always stressful. Weight loss is still a priority but it couldn’t be my #1 priority. Why? Because I was amidst contract negotiations with my job at the radio station.

While I couldn’t talk about it then, I had so many thoughts racing through my head. Do I want to stay in Seattle? Do I want to start over in another city with another radio show? Should I quit radio all together and move back home to Michigan?

On top of that, my lease is up which left me wondering where the hell was I going to live. Oh, it’s also the holidays and money is tight so how am I going to make this all work and still feed my dog? This is just scratching the surface but you get the gist.

I’m happy to announce that everything worked out just the way I hoped. I reached an agreement that I’m very happy with and am staying put! The Emerald City has always been my dream city and I couldn’t be more excited to call this place home forΒ the foreseeable future.

Ellen Tailor Fitz in the MorningWith that said, I can finally breathe a sigh of relief! I’m less than a month away from my 30th birthday and my weight loss journey is back at the top of my priority list. I have a lofty goal that I’d like to hit and now it’s crunch time, literally. I’m hyper focused on my diet and working out with my trainer. I’m also working out at home thanks to Precor Home Fitness who’ve set me up with everything I need to make this happen.

Life happens. I’m not beating myself up about it. I’m just doing it. Thanks for your understanding and as always, thanks for following my journey!


  1. Ellen, life does happen and that is our challenge. Like you I have battled weight issues (for a much longer time than you-I’m a young 65) it challenges you like nothing else because it’s personal and personal brings all that extra stuff with. Work you can control-most of the time :), but weight is harder. I applaud you and your commitment to weight loss but mostly because you work at looking Good and sharing it. Welcome to Seattle (3 years late) I am new -4 years to Seattle from Calif-loving it. That’s all she wrote-Have a Great Day and enjoy life and all it brings.

  2. Hey Ellen……P1 from day 1 (2006) you’ve really grown on me. I’m glad they appreciate you and locked you down for another couple of years. I really enjoyed the conversation you had with your dad on Wed. He’s adorable! Your beautiful inside and out. Merry Christmas…..