Weight Loss Wednesday #3 – The Change Begins

I’m two weeks into my training with Karen. The scale hasn’t moved nearly as quickly as I’d hoped but I’ve never been more motivated because something better has happened. I’m noticing my body changing.

Ellen Tailor Weight Loss Wednesday

Fourteen days ago, I walked into the gym insecure, nervous, and not really sure if I was ready to let go of my security blanket of extra weight. Today, I can honestly picture what I’m going to look like when I achieve my goals. Losing weight changes your life and it’s something you’ve got to get in the right head space for. Mentally I think I’m finally there. Physically, I know I’m there.

On Day #1, I was struggling just to get through 20 step-ups. (Imagine stepping up onto a bench then coming back down again. Sounds simple, right?) Today I can power through more than I can count while holding 20-pound dumbbells. On Day #1, I was able to dead lift 55lbs. Today I was able to add 10 more pounds.

Hands down, my favorite things to do are squats and push presses. It works out my legs and ass not to mention I’m really good at it! So good at it, in fact, that I’ve been able to add THIRTY POUNDS onto each exercise in just two weeks. On Day #1, I was squatting and pressing 35lbs. Today, I cleared 65lbs!

I want to work harder because if I’m already seeing results, imagine what would happen if I gave 150% percent?! With that in mind, Karen had me run. Ugh. I hate running. But if it’ll get me to where I want to be, I’ll do it. Before I could barely keep up at a 4.7mph pace. Today I was able to run at 7mph.

These numbers to an athlete probably don’t sound that fantastic. To me, the girl who spent a majority of her 20’s saying, “I’ll start tomorrow,” this is a game changer. I’m achieving many non-scale victories that are boosting my confidence. I can’t wait to embrace my 30’s as the woman I’ve spent the last 10 years dreaming about. I’ll get there! I know it!

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  1. Way to go!!! You are inspiring me so much and all I can say is thank you and keep pushing. My motto is Pain is temporary, pride is forever!

  2. You go girl! I wish I could increase my running speed! But, I have increased my time of consistent running .. one victory at a time right ?

    I feel you on the 150% I have been doing total body everyday this week rather than rotating muscle groups .. hopefully it doesn’t come back to bite me later =)

    Keep it up! I am keeping up with this blog as my motivation!

  3. I am in week two of my “Meltdown” challenge, (the goal is to lose 4% of your weight in 4 weeks), and it is proving to be a challenge but I am enjoying it too. You are helping me along and inspiring me to stick with it.
    Stay with the running… once you see the weight beginning to come off it becomes a little more rewarding. I too still hate every minute of my run however im beginning to look forward to seeing how far or how ‘fast’ I can go. Runkeeper and Pandora also push me through! Get out and do a 5K! There are a lot of them out there and they are yet another goal to strive towards. I completed my first this year and as a person that hates to run, I cannot wait to do another! (It also does not mean you have to run the entire thing. Its for all skill levels!) If you want a partner, id be glad to do another!
    What I really wanted to say was to stay with it and try to be happy with yourself in your own skin during the process. You didnt get “fluffy” over night, and its hard, but you have a huge support system and you are your own biggest critic Know that you are beautiful! Have a great transformation!

  4. Ellen,
    I wish I had the motivation you have. I feel as though I can never keep my motivation in order to continue. I’ll be 20 in 9 months and I don’t want my 20’s to be anything like my teens. I’ve never felt good enough, or pretty enough and I’ve always been insecure. This is probably why I don’t do relationships. This process is so hard and I wake up everyday and this is all I want in life is to be healthy and happy and to let my inner self out. But I can’t find the motivation I need, and when I do I feel like it doesn’t stay for long. When I found your blog last week I started crying because your story reminds me so much of myself. Your drive inspires me and you are one fierce lady. Do you have any tips on motivation for me?

    1. Girl! Don’t be me. Don’t waste your 20’s like I did. Trust me when I say, “Youth is wasted on the young.” Your metabolism is SO FAST compared to what it will be. Life is short. Make it the best that you can now. Take it one day at a time. Set small goals. You’ll get there! Let me know how I can help. I believe in you! xoxo.