Weight Loss Wednesday #8 – Why I Stopped Chasing a Number

I stopped chasing a number. Don’t get me wrong. The number on the scale needs to come down. I know this. However, when I first started on this weight loss journey it was only about the number that starred back at me every morning when I weighed myself. Now what I’m chasing is much different and these photos will prove it.

Ellen tailor Weight Loss Wednesday 8 Weeks Front
Week 1 – Week 8
Ellen tailor Weight Loss Wednesday 8 Weeks Side
Week 1 – Week 8 (Nice face, right?)
Ellen tailor Weight Loss Wednesday 8 Weeks Back
Week 1 – Week 8 (Yes, my hair is green. Yes, I did it on purpose.)

Now, before you continue reading, please comment below and tell me how much weight you think I’ve lost based on these photos. Go ahead. I’ll wait.


…did you guess yet?


Ok. What would you say if I told you that the scale has only gone down 4 pounds? You wouldn’t believe me, right? (Hell, most people can shit 4 pounds.) How can so little make that much of a difference?! I have no idea. What I do know is that I’ve lost a total of 10.25 inches.

If someone would have told me that I’d only lose 4 pounds after 8 weeks of hard work and clean eating, I wouldn’t have thought it was worth giving up my beloved Big Mac’s and Diet Coke. However, looking at these pictures I know it’s worth itBut we also have to adjust what we’re doing to get the scale moving as well.

Karen, my trainer, has switched up my workouts. Instead of less reps with more weight, we’ve lowered the weight and added more reps. This will (hopefully) create a more cardio driven workout as opposed to solely weight training. Her thinking is that perhaps my body is hanging on to the extra pounds in order to accommodate for the extra weight I’ve been lifting.

Admittedly, only 4 pounds is depressing but look at the difference! Also keep in mind that I was traveling for nearly half of the month. 10.25 inches all around is an impressive number but these photos are the most motivating for me. To anyone on a weight loss journey, my best advice is to take photos! I guarantee I would have fallen off of the wagon if it weren’t for these pics.

One day at a time and I’ll get there! And on the days I’m struggling, I’ll look back at these pictures and see how far I’ve already come and that it’s not worth it to give up now. I can do this! I AM DOING THIS!


  1. You look great!!! I’ve been on a weight loss journey of my own and have been at a weight plateau for the last few months but I know my body has totally changed in size and shape due to lifting. Now the numbers have started to jump down again. Weight is really just a number, what matters is how you feel and look!

      1. I have learned with working out an training, the scale can be your worst enemy! When you lift weights, you maybe losing fatty tissue but your also starting to gain muscle! Not everyone understands that. So when the scale doesn’t go down as much they don’t think its worth it but it really is! You look amazing, good inspiration! Go girl!

  2. This is really great to hear! “Weight loss” for me has never really been about the number. People have always asked, “how much do you weigh?” And my answer has always been, “I don’t know…” In all honesty, it’s true. I could always take a pretty accurate stab at it but I have found that weight fluctuates way too much. When you weighed in you might have been 4 pounds down but tomorrow you could be 8. Numbers really are a silly thing. I base my goals on wanton fb to get into certain jeans because I know how I look when I can fit in them.. Or getting to a certain hole on my belt loop. Keep up the good work! Remember that indulging on occasion can save an entire diet plan. Good luck!

  3. Rock on Ellen! Your journey is inspiring to me. I’m 3 weeks post partum, and ready to start my own weight loss journey. Three more weeks till I get released to exercise. Good luck to you!

  4. You look fantastic, Ellen! Keep up the good work. I have also been on a lose weight/get fit journey – since February. Hit my second plateau at 30lbs but my waist is still shrinking. Yay! I’m glad you have such a great team supporting you. My husband and I are on this journey together. It’s so much easier than going it alone. Cheers to you!

  5. You are doing great, I’m with you, giving up my diet coke has been hard. Your an inspiration to me to get back to the gym.

    Thank you for sharing

  6. You look great! I took a look back to the beginning of the year at my photos and I hardly recognize that person. I’ve been on my own journey this year mostly the last 6 months. I’m down almost 2 jean sizes and over 30lbs. I also stopped looking at the numbers on the scale on a daily basis to define my success!! I had my ups and downs but been able work through them and I’m close to many of my original goals. I want make one suggestion, that is finding out your body composition if don’t already know it. This is different from your BMI. The bod pod is a good way to measure this, it’s very accurate. I have adjusted some of my goals after having this done!! Keep up the hard work!!

  7. Wow! I totally would’ve guessed way more than 4 pounds! This came at a great time because just yesterday my fiance and I were questioning whether our new workout routine was making a difference. We haven’t seen much on the scale but we’ll definitely be taking pictures tonight! Thanks for the inspiration and good luck!

  8. My mom is on the same journey as you. She has been trying to loose weight for a little over a year and lost over 100 pounds and counting. She use to not feel comfortable going out but now she is never even home. She never used a trainer or went to gym she did it all on her own she went walking on a trail and made a goal to go to a certain tree and run. She actually said she has lost more weight by herself than at a gym. Just thought I would share my moms amazing story and tell you to keep going strong it’s worth it in the end.

  9. The weight is coming off slower because you are doing this the healthy way. Great job! Your story is inspiring; keep taking pictures. It’s a health journey – not necessarily weight loss. You want/need to feel good about yourself again – the number will eventually come down – but you are already 400% healthier than you were before.

  10. You are doing awesome. 8 weeks ago I was diagnosed with diabetes, so it’s been changing diets, learning how to work out as well as the mental and emotional changes. I get to hear your voice – and the rest of the gang- every morning while I work and that helps keep me going. Keep going – you are right, it’s only a number. You look amazing! What a role model!

  11. Remember if you’re working out while losing weight muscle weighs more than fat! You are gaining muscle in place of the fat so the scale is not a good motivator at this point. Keep going and keep measuring the numbers will come later.

  12. I’m in the same boat you are. I’ve only lost 12lbs in the past 6 months of working out 3 days a week with some cardio. I’ve had to stop chasing that number and just feel good about how I look and feel. Keep it up! You look great!

  13. What wonderful words you speak ellen. Weight loss is not easy. I have been on this journey since February and when I step on the scale I see no numbers move. It hits me so hard and I want to quit. But I look back at how I looked and felt last year and say I can do this. I may not have lost any weight. But I’m down 4 pant sizes and look great. Reading your struggles and your accomplishments makes it easy to keep striving for the best. Your an inspiration to not just me but all women. Thank you for your truth and works of wisdom. I can’t wait for the next blog. And to continue to.hear your story.

  14. Ellen, It took me 2 1/2 years to loose my weight, I have kept it off for over 8 months. I know how hard it is! Cutting out fast food and soda will make your body so happy! Continue to make the best choices each day. The food you eat, the exercise you do….it all will make your body so happy, it will become a good perpetual cycle! You will not believe how good you will feel! I have lost 175lbs and gone from a size 28 to a 6! I know it can be done, and I truly believe slow and steady wins this race! Cheers to your future!

  15. Great job Ellen. I am doing Beachnody programs and I only lost 9 lbs but lost 7.5 inches. Don’t worry about the scale! Focus on your inches and how your jeans feel! Being healthy is the goal. Keep up the great work!!

  16. Go girl! Remember muscle weighs more than fat so that could also explain why you look thinner but haven’t lost much weight! Keep up the good work! You deserve it!

  17. Can we be best friends?? I laughed out loud at my desk when i read ” (Hell, most people can shit 4 pounds.) ” Thanks for being so inspiring!!! You are doing awesome! Makes me want to go workout!!

  18. Ellen, you are my inspiration, I just started my weight loss journey last week becuase of you, basically for the same reasons, I look at you when I feel like giving up, you truly are my constant inspiration to push on, thank you.