Is this what normal people do?

Yesterday was my last day which makes today my first day. My first day to sleep past 3:45am…or maybe not.

What do normal people do in the morning? Make coffee? Watch the news? Maybe they workout?

After 13 years (that’s almost 4000 days!) of waking up before the rest of the world, getting used to this whole “normal” person schedule thing is going to take a while, but we’ll get there.

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So I did a thing…

It took 30 years of hard work to make it here. To achieve my dream. But that’s the thing about dreams. They’re infinite.

Perhaps it’s selfish to think that I could accomplish more than one dream in this lifetime but as many of you know, I’m a gambling woman. The best bet I’ve ever made was on myself and I’m doing it again.

Thank you to the amazing news director who hired me and saw my potential long before I did. Thank you to the general manager that let me quietly sneak out of the building so as to avoid all of the sappy goodbyes. Thank you to all of my co-workers at Q13NEWS who taught me that anything is possible with teamwork.

For almost 13 years the alarm has gone off at too-damn-early AM and I loved every second of it. Both radio and television are amazing platforms that aren’t going away anytime soon. I feel so thankful to have earned the right to work in, and be successful in, both industries. And who knows, maybe I’ll be back.

For now, I’m betting it all on me.

I needed to do this for me

Something is wrong.

Maybe “wrong” is too extreme. Maybe it’s not? I’m not functioning at my best. There. That’s probably a more accurate description. I’m struggling to give a name to what’s going on. Is it Seasonal Affective Disorder? After all, I live in Seattle and we haven’t seen the sun in a record amount of time.

Is it a midlife crisis? 35 hit me hard. I’ve found myself asking where the time has gone more often than not. Also, I’ve been feeling like I’ve missed out on some very important years that are now gone forever. Is my perfectionism getting the best of me? ADHD? I do know my anxiety is in overdrive and that’s definitely leading me to feel more depressed than I, dare I say it, ever have.

I’ve found myself thinking (and probably overanalyzing) every single aspect of my life. From little things like what products to use to wash my face to my apartment, my career, relationships, and deep philosophical things like what will truly make me happy.

Above all else, I’m frustrated. Perhaps if I could put a name to what’s going on, I could fix it. But I’ve wracked my brain for months, yes, months, trying to figure out what it is that I’m feeling and why.

After countless hours on Pinterest, blogs, and against my better judgment, WebMD, I had to find someone to help. Understanding that this isn’t just a physical thing or an emotional one, but rather a combination of everything, I sought the help of Dr. Darvish, a naturopathic doctor.

Yes, she’s a doctor. Yes, she’s smart. But what I was most drawn to was indescribable. This is going to sound so cheesy but Dr. D felt like a soul sister from the moment I met her.

Before we continue, it’s important to note the differences between a licensed Naturopathic Doctor and a naturopath. It’s also important to note that Dr. Darvish’s full title is Dr. Nooshin K Darvish ND, FICT, ABAAHP. With all of those initials, I’m pretty sure that means she knows what she’s doing. 😉

The day of my appointment had come. I was excited and anxious to finally meet with Dr. D and do so without cameras around. As I waited in her perfectly lit room, nerves washed over me. I knew deep down in my gut that I was about to get the help I was so desperately searching for.

Not once did I feel rushed with Dr. Darvish. We talked about my physical health and she dug into my emotional health. The best way for me to describe it is a blend between an appointment with a medical doctor and a talk therapy professional. I felt seen, in a good way, as a whole. In a world where our attention is divided among a million different things, distracted by cell phones and our short attention spans, I felt like Dr. D truly heard me.

Before we can put together a plan, Dr. Darvish ordered a few tests. One of them included figuring out my blood type. Check out the chart. Can you figure out what my blood type is?

Spoiler alert: I’m A+ (and you better believe my inner schoolgirl got giddy about it.)

I hope you’ll understand if I don’t go into details about everything Dr. Darvish and I discussed. Perhaps I will at some point but for now, I need to trust that I’ve found someone who’ll help guide me back to my best self.

I don’t know what the future holds. I also didn’t walk in expecting to have all of the answers. But I do feel like I’ve made a start. What’s the saying? “The journey of a thousand miles starts with one step.”

I took my first step.

WATCH: How to easily style dry hair using the Revlon One-Step Hair Dryer & Volumizer

I showed you How To Get TV Hair where we went from right out of the shower to TV-ready. Now I’m walking you through, step-by-step, how to easily style your dry hair.

Each morning I use this method and look like I walked straight out of the salon. After months…no…YEARS of studying how hairstylists get the perfect ‘do, I could never manage to figure out how to do it on myself. Then I stumbled on a YouTube hair tutorial using this Revlon magic machine (yes, I believe it possesses some sort of sorcery and I am here for it!)

How to get TV hair…and btw I relaunched my YouTube channel

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Best Beast Swag for Marshawn Lynch’s return to Seattle

Finding tickets to this weekend’s game was already a tough get considering how much is on the line. Add Marshawn Lynch’s homecoming and I’m convinced all of Western Washington will hear the roars coming out of Century Link. (Side note: Who do I know that can sneak me in under a coat or something? …I’m only half kidding.)

My friend Gee Scott described this scenario perfectly.

First, I’ve got to applaud Gee’s knowledge of Hallmark movies. Second, THE BEAST IS BAAACK!!!

My first instinct when I heard the news that Marshawn MIGHT be coming back was to hop online and find new swag I could get my hands on ASAP. While some are dusting off their classic #24 jersey, others like me had to find something new. Leave it to Beastmode himself to have everything on the ready.

Beast Mode Apparel

The Beast Mode store (which was one of the smartest things Marshawn’s ever done from a branding and marketing standpoint but I digress) already has the “Unfinished Business” line on their site. My pick is this hoodie that comes in sizes S – 3XL but they also have a few other t-shirt options.

Here are some other great Beastmode apparel options that I’ve found ranked in no particular order:

Lady 12 Fashion

One of the reasons I love Lady 12 is because of their size inclusivity. This blinged-out hoodie is available in sizes S – 4XL for $49.99. Purchase before 2p PST and they promise to ship it out the same day.

Simply Seattle

Simply Seattle is simply the best. Their team is, hands down, the quickest to jump on a trend with one-of-a-kind swag that’s also budget-friendly. The Beast Is Back Rally tee is only $10 bucks! It comes in sizes S – 4XL and they guarantee to have it in your hand by the first playoff game.

Charlie Pete

A not-so-shameless plug for my own store, Charlie Pete. This probably isn’t the best thing to wear in the freezing cold weather BUT I still think this Throwback SEA Tank is a must for any 12. (Yes, I’m 100% biased.)

Fly Fit Brand

If you’re looking for custom gear and can be a little patient, Fly Fit Brand might be the option for you. They offer a TON of different options and based on their Instagram it looks like they outfit several of the player’s wives and families.

Seahawks Pro Shop

It looks like the tried and true Pro Shop found some old jerseys and added them to their site again. (I looked earlier in the week and they had none up but luckily that’s changed.) If you’re like me and haven’t pulled the plug on a jersey yet, this might be the time to do it.

Regardless of what you wear, this weekend is going to be something for the record books in Seattle. There’s something in the air that’s indescribable. It reminds me a lot of the days leading up to the Super Bowl championship where the stereotypical “Seattle freeze” was non-existent. The world is filled with so much negativity and it’s nice to be able to escape, even if for just a bit, with the help of Marshawn Lynch. WELCOME HOME BEASTMODE!