Baby Elephant Lobes

Ellen Tailor Green Hair Ear Cuff Stella & DotThis is going to sound ridiculous. Trust me, I’m very aware of it. If I could have any type of plastic surgery it wouldn’t be liposuction, it wouldn’t be a breast lift, it’d be an ear lobe reduction. I have the ear lobes of a baby elephant.

With the theory in mind that instead of hiding areas you’re insecure about, feature them, I found these earrings and made the best of my lobes. Studs like this are great because they only require one piercing and jewel your entire ear.

Here are some of my favorite ear cuffs:

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An at-home touch up reinvigorated my green hair. With every wash, the color tends to fade so there’s two options. 1) Wash your hair with the coldest temperature you can handle or 2) Subject yourself to touch-ups every few weeks.

I was worried that I’d be killing my hair every time I dyed it so I asked a stylist from Gene Juarez her opinion. Because it’s a semi-permanent veggie dye, it actually hydrates my tresses instead of hurting them. The color gets everywhere but it washes off easily. I think the unique hair is worth the trouble and I plan on keeping the green through Fall.


  1. Love your hair! What is the brand of color and didn’t you have to bleach your hair before coloring? My hair is as dark as yours & when I did a peacock color scheme a couple of years ago, we had to bleach it first to get the color to show up.

    1. Thanks Mimi! I went to Gene Juarez earlier this summer and had an ombre done. It was already quite light so I didn’t have to bleach it anymore. I use Manic Panic brand color. They have a ton of color options!