Best Beast Swag for Marshawn Lynch’s return to Seattle

Finding tickets to this weekend’s game was already a tough get considering how much is on the line. Add Marshawn Lynch’s homecoming and I’m convinced all of Western Washington will hear the roars coming out of Century Link. (Side note: Who do I know that can sneak me in under a coat or something? …I’m only half kidding.)

My friend Gee Scott described this scenario perfectly.

First, I’ve got to applaud Gee’s knowledge of Hallmark movies. Second, THE BEAST IS BAAACK!!!

My first instinct when I heard the news that Marshawn MIGHT be coming back was to hop online and find new swag I could get my hands on ASAP. While some are dusting off their classic #24 jersey, others like me had to find something new. Leave it to Beastmode himself to have everything on the ready.

Beast Mode Apparel

The Beast Mode store (which was one of the smartest things Marshawn’s ever done from a branding and marketing standpoint but I digress) already has the “Unfinished Business” line on their site. My pick is this hoodie that comes in sizes S – 3XL but they also have a few other t-shirt options.

Here are some other great Beastmode apparel options that I’ve found ranked in no particular order:

Lady 12 Fashion

One of the reasons I love Lady 12 is because of their size inclusivity. This blinged-out hoodie is available in sizes S – 4XL for $49.99. Purchase before 2p PST and they promise to ship it out the same day.

Simply Seattle

Simply Seattle is simply the best. Their team is, hands down, the quickest to jump on a trend with one-of-a-kind swag that’s also budget-friendly. The Beast Is Back Rally tee is only $10 bucks! It comes in sizes S – 4XL and they guarantee to have it in your hand by the first playoff game.

Charlie Pete

A not-so-shameless plug for my own store, Charlie Pete. This probably isn’t the best thing to wear in the freezing cold weather BUT I still think this Throwback SEA Tank is a must for any 12. (Yes, I’m 100% biased.)

Fly Fit Brand

If you’re looking for custom gear and can be a little patient, Fly Fit Brand might be the option for you. They offer a TON of different options and based on their Instagram it looks like they outfit several of the player’s wives and families.

Seahawks Pro Shop

It looks like the tried and true Pro Shop found some old jerseys and added them to their site again. (I looked earlier in the week and they had none up but luckily that’s changed.) If you’re like me and haven’t pulled the plug on a jersey yet, this might be the time to do it.

Regardless of what you wear, this weekend is going to be something for the record books in Seattle. There’s something in the air that’s indescribable. It reminds me a lot of the days leading up to the Super Bowl championship where the stereotypical “Seattle freeze” was non-existent. The world is filled with so much negativity and it’s nice to be able to escape, even if for just a bit, with the help of Marshawn Lynch. WELCOME HOME BEASTMODE!