Try To Say, “No,” To These Faces. I Dare You!

Motley Zoo Animal Rescue

2017 was the year my dog, Charlie, and I opened our hearts to puppies looking for their forever homes. Motley Zoo Animal Rescue is a community made up of volunteers. Volunteers who give their time to run the Rock Star Treatment Daycare, foster animals that are still awaiting their forever homes, help to operate adoption events throughout the Seattle area, and help raise donations both large and small to help further their life-saving mission. Meet the 7 reasons that make me proud to be part of this community.

1. Foster Fred. Man, this guy. He’ll always be special.

2) Stan (now known as Nacho Bacon.)

3, 4 & 5) Leonard (now goes by Russell), Amy (who’s now Daisy) and Howard (who still goes by Howie!)

6 and 7) Elliot (known now as Doobie) and Michael

Fostering is the most rewarding and heartbreaking thing. I cry every time my babies go to their forever homes but they’re tears of joy because they’ll be safe and I can help more buddies. Please consider donating to Motley Zoo Animal Rescue as they are fully funded by the kindness of others like you!

When He Comes Back to Town, Better Hide The Wine!

Carly Pearce & Ellen Tailor at 100.7 The Wolf's Hometown Throwdown

The argument about women in today’s country music format is not a new topic of discussion and it won’t be going anywhere anytime soon. Are women being overlooked for less talented men? Should female artists be played alongside men even if their product is sub-par? This can go a million different ways and with the world being at odds over everything these days, we won’t be debating it here. What will happen is nothing but a little love for a song that’s piqued my interest and hopefully it catches your attention, too.

Carly Pearce recently went to #1 with her single “Every Little Thing,” and working in radio, I’ve heard it roughly 230 million times. (Ok, so I exaggerate but you get it.) Maybe I’m jaded. Maybe I’m hard to please. Maybe I expect more from female artists being a woman myself. Regardless, when I heard, “Hide the Wine,” I was immediately taken back to that moment every woman has gone through at least once (and only once if you’re lucky but yeah right.)

“Hide The Wine”

I heard you were back in town
It’s been a hot minute since me and you were hanging out
Yeah we had that crazy kind of chemistry
Where you get burned, don’t learn, don’t care, just reach for another match and gasoline Well knock knock, here you come a knockin’ on my door
But you’re gonna have to wait on the porch

Better hide the wine
And get it gone
Oh I better hide every one of them records that turn me on (lock ‘um up, lock ‘um up)
Turn up the lights
And kill the mood
Oh ’cause baby I just don’t trust myself with you
I better hide the wine

Well I know me and I know you
I better get rid of all the Two Buck Chuck and the high-dollar good stuff too
‘Cause baby if I don’t, you know what we’ll do
Oh oh with one sip, one tip, we’ll be sitting on the couch, you’ll be kicking off your shoes

Better hide the wine
And get it gone
Oh I better hide every one of them records that turn me on (lock ‘um up, lock ‘um up)
Turn up the lights
And kill the mood
Oh ’cause baby I just don’t trust myself with you
I better hide the wine

Oh I better hide the wine, yeah

Oh knock knock here you come a knockin’ on my door
But you’re gonna have to wait another minute on the porch
Oh no, no, it’s a dangerous thing pouring alcohol on an old flame

Hide the wine
And get it gone
Oh I better hide every one of them records that turn me on (lock ‘um up, lock ‘um up)
Turn up the lights
And kill the mood
Oh ’cause baby I just don’t trust myself with you
I better hide the wine
Oh I better hide the wine, yeah
Oh I better hide the wine

How do YOU discover new music? Radio? Pandora? YouTube? I accidentally found this song but I’m always curious to know where you find your new favorite artists. Leave a comment below or even suggest the next person to be featured!

Flaunt Your Curves

An email came my way asking if I wanted to collaborate with a bathing suit company. Instantly I thought, “Absolutely not!” As I searched for the “delete” button, the name of the brand caught my attention. I got my ass off the couch, walked into my closet, and dug deep to find the one bathing suit I’ve had for years. I only have one in case of emergencies because there’s no way I’d wear it unless I absolutely had to.

I check the tag and at that moment I realize why the brand sounds so familiar. Coco Reef was the name of the company that wanted to collaborate. Coco Reef was the name of the ONE bathing suit that I owned because I loved the way it fit me. This was fate.

There’s an ever growing movement to embrace body positivity. We come in all shapes and sizes so why not celebrate every body? Truth be told, the thought of getting into a bathing suit was terrifying let alone the idea of having to post pics on the internet where they could haunt me forever. But in honor of the women who flaunt their shape like model Hunter McGrady, I decided to suck it up (both my courage and my gut) and do this.

There’s strength in numbers, right? Cue my dear friend Deanna Cruz. We couldn’t be more different and alike all at the same time. Let’s point out the obvious. I’m roughly 100 pounds heavier than her. Yeah, you read that right. ONE HUNDRED. Why on EARTH would I think asking her to join this campaign would be a good idea?

Deanna’s an avid cross fitter while I’m an avid Netflix watcher. Her go to food is protein peanut butter and I’d happily live on French fries if I could. From the beginning of our friendship, neither of us ever saw size. Maybe it’s because we’re in our thirties? Or maybe it’s because she’s a genuinely amazing human being who spreads nothing but love and kindness to everyone around her.

It took a little convincing though. Imagine that! The thick girl had to twist the fit girl’s arm into posing in a bathing suit. Eventually Deanna agreed and on one of the first sunny summer days in Seattle, we took our imperfect bodies to the beach. As you can imagine we weren’t the only ones with the bright idea to soak up some vitamin D and the place was packed! Add another level of insecurity to the mix but we took off our cover-ups and got to shooting.

I’ll admit. I felt like I had to be the confident one since I knew Deanna was nervous. Eventually, I wasn’t just acting confident…I was confident! I’m imperfect. I’ve got dimples on the backs of my legs and a keg on my waist compared to my friend’s hard earned six pack of abs. Am I happy with the way that my body looks? Nope. But it’s a work in progress and progress won’t be made until I start being kind to myself.

So, this is us. These photos are unedited. Yes, we had a great day and a super talented photographer, but these are raw images. 100% real.

Here’s hoping that more of us feel the courage to flaunt our shapes in public. Ok, maybe not on social media but what about in your own backyard? Do you dare go to the beach with some close gal pals? How about simply sharing this blog post to encourage others to embrace their shape, no matter how big or small. If the size of your clothes bothers you, rip the tag out. Confidence truly is a one-size-fits-all piece that can, and should, be added to everyone’s closet.

Want to add Coco Reef to your bathing suit collection? Snag 20% off with the code Ellen20 at
Thank you to Annie B. Stills for the amazing photos.

Cyber Monday Deals

Ellen Tailor Cyber Monday

Is your inbox flooded with emails from every single site you’ve ever purchased anything from? Feeling overwhelmed on where to find the best deals? Here’s your one-stop-shop for everything Cyber Monday. Keep checking back for an updated list. Am I missing YOUR favorite store? Leave me a comment and I’ll make sure to add it. Happy Shopping!

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Shoes For Days

I made (what should have been an obvious) discovery on Twitter the other night. It started with a plea for help…

Then a revelation…

Truer words were never spoken! I use this justification every single time I shop for shoes. With that said, I’ve been on a recent shoe bender. I can’t stop myself. Who am I to keep these shoe wonders to myself though?! Here are just a few of my favorites. And before you ask, no, I don’t own all of them. But I may or may not have purchased some of these recently. 😉 Any guesses which ones I’ve added to my collection?


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The Limited, The Apology, & The Motivation

The Limited Ellen Tailor

This was the outfit I was going to wear. I’ve had it planned since May. That’s when I was first approached about a collaboration with The Limited to feature their new denim line. When the package arrived, I quickly threw on the high waisted, wide legged pants I had been not-so-secretly obsessing over. Like many women, the picture in my head of what they’d look like and the reality in the reflection were two very different things. It wasn’t the denim’s fault. It was mine.

The post was originally supposed to go live at the end of July. I had at least 6 weeks to get myself to a place where I could confidently wear these beautiful jeans. Like a miracle from above, I was told the post would be postponed yet another month. This gave me a few more weeks to lose some weight and rock this outfit. But then, life happened.

The August deadline had come and gone. I was embarrassed. Actually, that’s an understatement. Mortified because my lack of motivation has now not only effected me personally, it’s effected me professionally. With that said, I owe an apology to those I was working with for this collaboration. But I’m going to turn this into the motivation I desperately need.

This is the goal. This is my why. I will rock this denim. I’ve got a plan. In the meantime, check out The Limited and their new denim line. They’re currently offering $15 off AND free shipping so cash in while you can! Make sure to check out their accessories, too. (My chic cousin is a graphic designer for them and she turned me on to their versatile accessory line and I’ve been digging it ever since!) While these high waisted pants are my favorite, see a few of my other favorite styles being worn by fellow bloggers.

A photo posted by The Limited (@thelimited) on

A photo posted by The Limited (@thelimited) on

A photo posted by The Limited (@thelimited) on

Thank you to The Limited for partnering with me on this post. And for empowering me.