Weight Loss Wednesday – A Salad A Day

Weight loss is a personal journey. A path you want to travel on quietly because sharing struggles is scary. On the flip side, you want to revel in the successes with anyone who will listen.

I began these “Weight Loss Wednesday” posts and quickly attracted a rather large following. Thank you. But because of that, I lost track of my end goal. I found myself doing things for blog posts and not for myself. I needed to start being selfish therefore, I kept this part of my life private.

I can’t promise that I’ll post every Wednesday. I can promise that I’ll share when I feel the time is right and today is one of those days. With that said, I’m 3 days into my February goal.

Anyone can do anything for a month. Especially a month that only has 29 days. (Damn you, Leap Year.) It’s simple. Eat a salad a day. My local grocery store has pre-made salads that are pretty damn good. I’ve never been the girl who craves a salad, (I mean, who are these people that do?!) but whenever I force myself to chow down on them, I really find it enjoyable! Who knows how long this will last but I’ve got high hopes. I’m 3-for-3. Wahoo!

Now here’s the hard part. I’m also trying REALLY hard to make this a no-fried-food-February. That’s my downfall. I love me some fresh French fries. Hell, I’ll eat cold stale fries. I love them that much. What I don’t love is the spare tire eating those golden goodies leaves behind.

Seeing the end goal can easily become overwhelming. I’m focusing on two mini goals. Eating a salad daily and staying away from my vices. Will I make it 29 days? I don’t know. But, so far, I’ve made it three days longer than I did last month. I’ll chalk that up as a win.

What are your mini goals? Goals that you’ll be able to accomplish in the next 30 days?

The Pic That Made Me Get My Shit Together

The day before the Hometown Throwdown I stressed about what to wear to our day long country music event. I knew I’d be taking plenty of photos and wanted to make sure I covered up my problem areas. Sunday came and Fitz surprised us with shirts.

#HometownThrowdown is FINALLY here!!!

A photo posted by • E L L E N • T A I L O R • (@ellentailor) on

What a sweet gesture! I put it on and noticed it was a lot tighter around my waist (my #1 problem area) than I wanted it to be. I was wearing a vest with fringe and thought that’d help cover it up. I didn’t feel 100% comfortable in the shirt but wanted to wear it because Fitz was kind enough to have it made for me.

I was self conscious the ENTIRE day but pushed those feelings aside and was so happy to meet so many of listeners! Hundreds of photos had to have been taken and most were from the chest up, thank GOD. Fast forward to Tuesday at 3:50am.

I woke up this morning and saw this photo someone posted on my Facebook page. What the HELL happened to me?! Sure, my waist is my problem area but that was not something I’d seen in a LONG time. REALITY CHECK!


Was I off the wagon? Sure. Did I think I’d fallen off the wagon and let it run over me? Nope. How did I get so out of hand…again?! To Anne, the person that posted this photo, thank you. This was what I needed to get my sh*t together.

So what now? I’ve got a date with my trainer, Karen, TODAY. We’re going to work out AND create a new program that I can use with my gym (thanks Precor Home Fitness!) My DietBet Challenge also started this week, too. I bet $30 that I’d lose 4% of my body weight in 4 weeks. If YOU need some motivation, join the Challenge! It’s not too late. But this isn’t a plug for anyone or anything. I’m simply sharing what my plan is moving forward.

Thanks to everyone who’s been following my journey. It’s not always easy. Sometimes you mess up. Insert some profound quote here about falling down and getting back up again. Meh. Wish me luck on day one.

Weight Loss Wednesday #21 – A New Challenge

After experiencing it first hand, I believe in the phenomenon that is social dieting. For those of you that haven’t heard about Diet Bet, check out last week’s post here. Congratulations to everyone that not only joined the challenge but also won! The winners each took home $50 just for losing 4% of their body weight.

Many reached out asking if I’ll host another Diet Bet Challenge. The answer is YES! The challenge starts on Monday, July 6th. (Because let’s be honest, no one wants to diet during the 4th of July weekend.) Enjoy yourself but let’s all commit to getting back on track after the holiday. Join my Diet Bet now and weigh-in whenever you’re ready. Let’s make it clear that you are able to join the Challenge and weigh in anytime between two days before the game begins (July 4) and day 14 (July 20).

If you’re a returning Diet Better, I’d really appreciate if you’d comment below and share your experience. Did you succeed? What parts did you have trouble with? Is there anything I can do as a host to help?

And just because I feel the need to brag a little bit, (which I’m allowed to do since I’ve work hard, right?) here’s a random before and after photo. The picture on the left was taken about 10 months ago. I was working out but my diet hadn’t changed. The photo on the right was snapped just a few days ago. My body is completely changing after incorporating both diet and exercise into my life. (Side note: You can WIN the tank on the right by entering HERE. Drawing happens on Friday, June 26, 2015 at midnight.)

PS. Sign up for the next Diet Bet Challenge HERE & tell your friends. 🙂

Ellen Tailor Before And After Diet BEt

Weight Loss Wednesday #20 – Diet Bet Challenge is OVER

Thirty days ago, I embarked on a challenge. A DietBet Challenge. The goal? Lose 4% of my body weight in 4 weeks. 143 people bet $30 on themselves and joined my challenge. The pot is $4,470 and will be split by everyone who achieved their goal. Will I be one of those people splitting the pot?

The past 30 days have felt manageable. Doable. Was it easy? No. But was it possible? Absolutely. I knew that if I wanted to drop weight and not just inches, I’d have to keep my diet on point. I’ve focused on that more than I have in the recent months and it seemed to pay off. Just look at my gut!

Diet Bet End Ellen Tailor 3

The difference is subtle but it can be seen on every angle. Check out these pictures from behind. The back fat is almost gone! I never thought I’d see the day!

Diet Bet End Ellen Tailor 2

This angle is my most dreaded. I feel like a wide load from the side. My trunk has always been my problem area. I blame my primarily fast food diet for this. Undoing over a decade worth of bad habits is going to take time but seeing progress keeps me motivated.

Diet Bet End Ellen Tailor 1Are my boobs finally sticking out further than my stomach?! Whaaaa?! Now let me warn you about the upcoming TMI. I’m pissed because I have to weigh in for the final time on the first day of my period. Ugh. I’ve notoriously gained a SOLID five pounds leading up to that time of the month. I feel like the progress would have been much different if I was able to take these photos in a few days but that’s not the case so enough of my bitching.

Now, did I reach my goal? Did I lose 4% of my body weight and become a DietBet Challenge winner? It was hard. I wasn’t perfect everyday. I had a bad weekend just days ago. Perhaps a little self sabotage? (I’ve decided I totally need therapy but that’s another conversation.) I’m happy to say that I not only reached my goal, I beat it by a half pound! More so, I lost 7 inches in 30 days!

Am I at my ultimate goal? No. I think I have found a way to make this weight loss journey more manageable and that’s to break it up. It’s easier to focus on losing a small amount of weight in 30 days as opposed to 50 pounds. A few more DietBet Challenges and I’ll have hit my overall goal.

Thank you to everyone who joined the DietBet Challenge. Thank you to everyone for all of the support via comments, Facebook messages, tweets, etc. I have read every single one of your messages. Many have asked if I’ll host another DietBet Challenge. The answer is YES! I am going to wait until after the 4th of July but stay tuned to the blog and my Facebook page for details on the next challenge.

Again, many thank yous for your support! I appreciate you all! And to my fellow DietBet Challenge winners, CONGRATULATIONS!

Weight Loss Wednesday #19 – My Circuit Routine

I’m not one of those people that likes working out. It’s a struggle every.single.day. I’m also really self conscious and don’t like going to the gym. The idea of being around strangers while I’m hot, sweaty, and jiggling on a treadmill is not my idea of fun. The solution? I invested in myself and brought the gym to me. (Thanks Precor Home Fitness!) Here’s a little peek into my workouts.

The ab machine. Good LORD! It looks easy (and even a little raunchy…heyyyyo!!) but this is the most difficult for me. I got a lot going on around my truck and can really feel my abs work. They’re there…somewhere! 😉

Ellen Tailor Weight Loss Wednesday

Body weight push ups are probably my favorite. This piece actually adjusts to make it as difficult or as easy as you’d like.

Ellen Tailor Weight Loss Wednesday

Another piece that adjusts difficulty is the body weight pull-ups. This really helps carve out my shoulders and back.

Ellen Tailor Weight Loss Wednesday

It’s no secret I like my booty. Lunges help lift and tone that beast! The lunge machine allows me to do several different types of lunches and even works as a piece for step ups.

Ellen Tailor Weight Loss Wednesday

Now, I have a love and hate relationship with the treadmill. I don’t like running. (Remember the jiggling thing I mentioned earlier?) However, the more time I spend on the treadmill, the lower the number on the scale. To make it more bearable, I raise the incline and walk as quickly as I can. It raises my heart rate just as much, if not more, than running. I also will switch it up with sprint intervals.

I usually work this circuit 3 times a week with some weight and strength training mixed in. There’s only 7 days left until the end of my first ever Diet Bet Challenge. The goal is to lose 4% of my body weight. Check back next Weigh Loss Wednesday to see if I’ve succeeded.

Weight Loss Wednesday #18 – My Why

I was on a conference call with my trainer, Karen, and someone who had joined my DietBet Challenge. The point of the call was to give advice, little did I know that I was going to get advice in the process.

Karen said the #1 thing anyone needs to do before starting on a weight loss journey was to figure out their “Why.” When she first told me this almost a year ago, it sounded like a bunch of phooey. I didn’t think I needed philosophical bullshit. It was in an instant, during that phone call however, that I realized “My Why” and that I knew it all along.

Let’s rewind to a few months ago when I moved. I got rid of so many clothes when I downsized. All I kept wondering about was why had I spent so much money on clothes? It wasn’t because I liked them. It’s because I invested in hiding myself behind them.

Ellen Tailor Closet
Facebook post from May 12, 2013 — “All of my laundry is done and I realize I don’t have enough hangers…or closet space. It might be time for spring cleaning?”

I’m done buying clothes…for now. I’m saving my money to travel. I want to travel. I want to find someone to travel with. When that time comes, I want to make sure I have the money to do that. And even have the money to buy my dream outfit which brings me to “My Why.”

“My Why” is to feel sexy and confident in an outfit as simple as a pair of jeans and a t-shirt. I want to be able to wake up for work at 4am and not have to waste time thinking about what pair of pants will fit comfortably. What shirt will hide my gut. When I say t-shirt, I’m not talking a big oversized top. I’m talking about a hot, ladies tee and denim. Hell, maybe I’ll even throw on a pair of heels. I used to wear them all the time but as I gained weight, they started to hurt. The more weight I gained, the more weight they put on my feet, the more and more flats I bought.

I own so many jackets and vests. Why? Because it disguises my belly. My #1 insecurity. I want to wear jeans and a t-shirt and not worry about sitting down because my stomach will bulge over. No more jackets. No more vests. Will I still wear them? Yes. The ones I have and only for now. But I’m not buying anymore.

Wow. Just by writing this I’m realizing my obsession of clothes isn’t because I like fashion. It’s because I was obsessed with hiding. Distracting myself. Distracting everyone who looked at me.

I’m done buying LOTS of clothes. Ok. C’mon. I’m going to buy clothes because I am a fashionista (hahaha) but I’m limiting myself. I’m taking chances with my wardrobe because I’m feeling more confident. I want a man to double take me while wearing jeans and a t-shirt. But I’m not confident enough to wear my dream outfit on date night…yet. I’m feeling more empowered than ever now that I’ve finally discovered, “My Why.”