The Limited, The Apology, & The Motivation

The Limited Ellen Tailor

This was the outfit I was going to wear. I’ve had it planned since May. That’s when I was first approached about a collaboration with The Limited to feature their new denim line. When the package arrived, I quickly threw on the high waisted, wide legged pants I had been not-so-secretly obsessing over. Like many women, the picture in my head of what they’d look like and the reality in the reflection were two very different things. It wasn’t the denim’s fault. It was mine.

The post was originally supposed to go live at the end of July. I had at least 6 weeks to get myself to a place where I could confidently wear these beautiful jeans. Like a miracle from above, I was told the post would be postponed yet another month. This gave me a few more weeks to lose some weight and rock this outfit. But then, life happened.

The August deadline had come and gone. I was embarrassed. Actually, that’s an understatement. Mortified because my lack of motivation has now not only effected me personally, it’s effected me professionally. With that said, I owe an apology to those I was working with for this collaboration. But I’m going to turn this into the motivation I desperately need.

This is the goal. This is my why. I will rock this denim. I’ve got a plan. In the meantime, check out The Limited and their new denim line. They’re currently offering $15 off AND free shipping so cash in while you can! Make sure to check out their accessories, too. (My chic cousin is a graphic designer for them and she turned me on to their versatile accessory line and I’ve been digging it ever since!) While these high waisted pants are my favorite, see a few of my other favorite styles being worn by fellow bloggers.

A photo posted by The Limited (@thelimited) on

A photo posted by The Limited (@thelimited) on

A photo posted by The Limited (@thelimited) on

Thank you to The Limited for partnering with me on this post. And for empowering me.

Give It A Try: Gwynnie Bee

Ellen Tailor Gwynnie Bee

It’s the unofficial start to summer and time to switch out our closets. While I’d like to splurge and buy a crap ton of new clothes, I just bought a house and need to be a little tight with my money. I save money on accessories and makeup with subscription box services and now I found one for clothes!

There are so many clothing subscription services but I’ve always been hesitant to try them because let’s be honest, I’m not built like a model. Gwynnie Bee is the answer for us thicker girls. It’s an online women’s clothing subscription service for sizes 10-32. Start renting your wardrobe today with 30-day free trial and unlimited exchanges.

In my first box, I received five pieces. A chevron dress, a pair of skinny jeans, not one but two tanks, and a ruffled dress that I also wore as a vest. Here’s how I styled my goodies.

Ellen Tailor Gwynnie Bee

Ellen Tailor Gwynnie Bee Ellen Tailor Gwynnie Bee

Want to give Gwynnie Bee a try? Snag a 30-day trial here and let me know what pieces you received in the comment section down below.

Thanks to Gwynnie Bee for collaborating with me on this post. Opinions are 100% mine.

Hats Off…I Mean, Hats ON!

Ellen Tailor ASOS Hat

Photo c/o McKenzie Mikesell // Llorrac Photography

I’ve noticed a theme to all of my social media posts lately, especially my Instagram. Hats. Lots of hats. Well, mainly it’s been one hat that I’ve been caught wearing over and over again but nonetheless, I love hats!

In the past you may have seen a few posts about hats. In fact, here’s a post about a hat. And another one. And, yes, another one. (I’m hearing DJ Khaled in my head, are you? 😉 ) As we jump into a new season, check out these oh-so-cute and affordable hats that you can add to your collection.

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(As always, clicking on the photos will take you directly to the site where you can snag these goodies for yourself.)

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Tailored Peek Into the Week of January 9 – 15, 2016

This week was filled with birthday celebrations and the nation was swept by the Powerball craze. Here’s the week through my eyes…

Ellen Tailor SeattleMy mom always asks if I’ll ever move back to Michigan. January sunsets like this in Seattle make it really hard to want to go back to the snowy tundra that is the Midwest.

Ellen Tailor Birthday

The last photo ever taken of me as a 30-year-old. Hours later I’d turn thirty-ONEderful. Call me crazy but I have a feeling this is going to be one hell of a year for me! I can’t wait to see what’s to come.

Ellen Tailor Alexis Smith

At the risk of sounding cliche, I’ve been blessed beyond words with some wonderful people in my life. Being so far away from home, my friends have become my family. Meet my best friend, Alexis. Words can’t begin to describe how much this girl brings to my life. xoxo

Ellen Tailor Powerball Kirkland Banana Republic

::sigh:: Ignorance sure is bliss. This photo was snapped the day before the billion dollar Powerball jackpot was drawn. I had $20 worth of tickets in my hand and was daydreaming of how many lives I’d change with all of that money. I woke up the next day and realized, like many people, that I was a loser. 😉

Ellen Tailor Charlie 31

Then there’s this guy. My little ham. My little Charlie! I have no idea how he managed to sneak in those balloons but what a gem. 😉 Thank you again for all of the well wishes on my birthday. If you missed it, watch my vlog and follow me throughout the day.

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And I Know When That Hotline Bling

Ellen Tailor Cyber Monday

Ellen Tailor OPI Baublebar

Lips; NYX Intense Butter Gloss “Black Cherry Tart” // Nails; OPI “Ce-less-tial is More”
Rings; Baublebar // iPhone Case; Casemate Brilliance

This is what happens when you ask that your manicure match your iPhone case. 😉 I’m celebrating my birthday with a whole lot of bling! Technically my birthday isn’t until the 11th but one day isn’t enough for me so I’ve dedicated a whole weekend to spoiling myself. #NoShame

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Hometown Holiday Outfit Recap


You guys know how to make a girl feel all sorts of pretty! I posted this picture on my Facebook and Instagram and y’all were so kind about my outfit. Thank you!

Big events, where I know I’m going to be in front of thousands of people, make me feel anxious. The pressure is on to look just right! But no one wants to spend crazy money (especially around the holidays) if they don’t need to.

Here’s how I saved. The jacket and skirt were on sale. The black tank was only $26. I rented the necklace from Rocksbox and the shoes I’ve had for so long I can’t even remember where I got them from.

If you haven’t checked out the LC Lauren Conrad collection at Kohl’s, you’re missing out! The jacket and skirt are part of her collection and together they were both less than $100. While the coat is sold out in stores, there are quite a few listings available on eBay here.

Below are links to the entire outfit or items that are very similar. Clicking the pictures will take you right to the site where you can add these pieces to your own closet!

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The outfit had to go with a great makeup look, right?! I’m filming a makeup tutorial that’ll be live on my YouTube channel later this week. (Make sure to keep checking back for that OR subscribe to my YouTube channel here.) However! The key to keeping your makeup looking great is taking care of your skin!

For the first time EVER I got a facial. Holy crap! It was MAGICAL! Why haven’t I been treating myself sooner?! If you’re in the Seattle area, check out Northwest Aesthetics in Bellevue and ask for Lucy. That woman knows her stuff (and has a great Australian accent, too!) Like most people on the planet, I like winning things so you better believe I’ll be at their Holiday Party. Umm…hello…raffle prizes!! …and WINE?! I’m there! Who’s coming with me?? 🙂

Ellen Tailor Northwest Aesthetics

Again, many thanks for all of the kind words and it was a true pleasure meeting so many of you last week! Stay tuned for the makeup tutorial and leave a comment below telling me how you like to pamper yourself. xo.