WATCH: Life After 30 with Estelle Mae

I’ve always heard about the so-called β€œswitch” that goes off when someone turns 30. My friend, and personal-growth YouTuber, Estelle Mae invited me to share my perspective on what’s been, in my opinion, one of the best things to ever happen.

What else comes along with turning 30? We discuss the sense of urgency to find a purpose and to only bring things into your life that bring you joy. Other topics we cover…

-You weed out the people in your life that aren’t bringing you joy
– You care more about comfort rather than freezing your cute butt off at a concert πŸ˜‰
– You are never going to be where you think you’re going to be when you hit 30
– Things we regret not doing in our 20s like spending more time with friends and family and less time working
– You suddenly don’t really give a shit what people think about you
– You prioritize what is important to you in life
– At the end of your life, what do you want to be remembered by?

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