I’m Moving!

My many apologies for the lack of new posts lately. I’ve been in the middle of downsizing. I literally have to get rid of half of my things. I’m moving from a 1200 sq. foot place to one that’s just barely 600 sq. ft. Eek!

I’ve always taken comfort in stuff. Simply put, I don’t need much. Now’s the time to free myself of things and enjoy a smaller space. With that comes the excitement of setting up a new home. As I scoured Pinterest, I came across this phone case and thought, “That’s it!” This is the inspiration I’ll be using for my new bedroom.

Ellen Tailor Room Inspiration Mint Green Gold Chevron


While three walls will be mint green, I initially thought about painting the accent wall. Where would I find gold paint? How would I paint it exactly right? Then I found the easiest solution. Removable wallpaper! Who knew people even still made wallpaper?!

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Urban Outfitters has many different options and styles but this one was perfect! The instructions claim it’s easy to remove and reapply. No fuss. I ordered it right away. Check out just a few of their other options below. (All images are clickable!)

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