12 Is Greater

Fresh off of a win against the Philadelphia Eagles, the city of Seattle is stewing with excitement over our next opponent. For the second time in as many weeks, we face our arch nemesis…the San Francisco 49ers. An epic rivalry needs an epic party. Cue my friends at Fresh Brewed Tees.

Fresh Brewed Tees Ellen Tailor FAVS

This Sunday, December 14th, from 10a-1p, Fresh Brewed Tees Presents the 12>49 Party at Pyramid Ale House in downtown Seattle. Your ticket in is a t-shirt. Don’t have a t-shirt? Get one on the Fresh Brewed Tees website HERE. Or swing by their awesome t-shirt truck that’s always in and around Seattle. Check out their Twitter for the location.

Ellen Tailor Fresh Brewed TeesThe #12isGreater tee is my personal favorite but below are a few others I love! These should come as no surprise since I have not-so-secret-crushes on Pete Carroll and Byron Maxwell. 😉

Ellen Tailor Fresh Brewed Tees RePETEEllen Tailor Fresh Brewed Tees Byron MaxwellEllen Tailor Fresh Brewed Tees two Ohh six

Details of the party are on their Facebook page HERE. Going to the party? Use the hashtag #12isGreater. Follow Fresh Brewed Tees on Facebook and Twitter. And most importantly, GO HAWKS!

Ellen Tailor Fresh Brewed Tees 12 Is Greater Party