Let Them Be Little

It’s the holidays and we haven’t quite made it past “Bah Humbug” as we work towards “God bless us, everyone.” Fighting for parking spots, lines at the post office, and don’t even get me started on travel delays. The worst of them all is the strain it puts on our bank accounts. But to say I was impressed with generosity of the people of Portland, OR, is an understatement. They had no problem opening their wallets and hearts for the kids of their community.

Ellen Tailor Doernbecher - ChaseFitz in the Morning‘s Portland affiliate, 99.5 The Wolf, hosts an annual two-day radio-thon. We broadcast live from Doernbecher Children’s Hospital and were surrounded by volunteers, doctors, and some of the bravest children and families I’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting.

An oh-so-adorable little boy named Chase told me he raised $800 and wanted to challenge our listeners to match his donation. The red headed seven year old had brain surgery to remove a tumor three years earlier. Sitting beside his two proud parents, I asked him why he wanted to help. Confidently, he spoke into the microphone and said, “Doernbecher saved my life.” I’ll be damned if I didn’t consider donating my life savings after hearing his sweet response.

Ellen Tailor Doernbecher - Nickkaya

Unfortunately, other children aren’t as lucky as Chase and will need the help of Doernbecher’s for the rest of their lives. Nickkaya was born with a rare brain disorder. Her devoted mom, Jessica, is a loyal listener of our show and drove two hours so we could meet. No amount of words could describe how strong this woman, this child, and their family are.

I’ll be the first to say I have a bad ass job. I’m a girl that gets paid to talk for a living and while it’s awesome to be on the radio, most days I take it for granted. Then I get the chance to give back and I realize how life changing my career can be. Whether it’s raising money for breast cancer awareness (that involved me posing naked for an Art class!) or helping kiddos in my own backyard, no matter your passion, give back.

After two days, some tears, and countless inspiring stories of survival, together we raised over $200 thousand dollars! They’re right when they say this is a very magical time of year and this was proof. Sometimes all we need is a little reminder that life, and people, are good.

Ellen Tailor Doernbecher - Final Tally