Pinterest Polish Palette

A little too much spare time leads me to Pinterest which took me on a nail adventure. I perused my ridiculous, too big, nail collection for any sign of Spring I could find. Last week’s manicure got some heat because apparently the ring finger trend (where it’s a different color than the rest of the mani) isn’t in style anymore. (Click HERE to see a photo.) Here’s what I came up with.

Ellen Tailor Spring Nails - 3 Ellen Tailor Spring Nails - 2

Ellen Tailor Spring Nails - 1To prevent from looking like a total Easter egg, I mixed in this gun metal color polish from Revlon. Considering I’ve got OCD tendencies and like things matchy-matchy, I’m pleasantly surprised this manicure hasn’t driven me crazy yet.

What nail trends are you trying? What colors do you love? What are your favorite polish brands?