An Ode to Kim Kardashian

Ellen Tailor Floral Dress Green BootsIt’s no secret I’m intrigued by Kim Kardashian’s taste in fashion. Now hear me out. Growing up, I didn’t look like the stereotypical “American” girls I went to school with. I wasn’t blonde and didn’t have blue eyes. Instead, I had dark hair and olive skin. Not to mention I was the first in my class to grow lady lumps. I was Kim Kardashian before Kim was Kim Kardashian! (Minus the sex tape, of course.)

For years I tried to blend in. I even went as far as to wear colored contacts, which looked ridiculous, to try and fit in. Then I started to see a girl who had similar features as me popping up in magazines everywhere. I was hooked!

Now I don’t agree with everything Kim Kardashian puts on that amazing body of hers but I do admire her courage to take risks. Remember the Met Gala dress from earlier this year that looked more suitable grandma’s living room sofa? No bueno. When I saw this dress at Target, I instantly thought of that fashion tragedy. I must have been bored that day because I decided to try it on.Ellen Tailor Green Boots

Wow! I never thought I could pull off an all over floral pattern. I was wrong. The dress is cute alone but I decided to break up the pattern by pairing it with this black leather jacket and my favorite pair of boots. And did I mention how comfy this outfit is?! Thank you Kim Kardashian for inspiring me to flaunt my curves and take risks!

Who are your fashion idols?

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Jacket: Uniqlo, old (Similar); Dress: Target; Tights: Target; Boots: Nordstrom (Similar)