What Would Yeezus Do?

Words couldn’t describe how excited I was to see Kanye West kick off his ‘Yeezus’ tour in Seattle over the weekend. Y’all wondered why I would spend money on a show like this. You even warned me not to go. I should have listened.


Kanye was OVER THREE hours late! Why? Because he didn’t like the way the stage looked. Umm, shouldn’t you figure that out BEFORE the tour starts? Besides being late, the show was awful. Awful!

The plus side was that I had a great night with my BFF Alexis. (You may recognize her from KIRO 7 morning news. She’s pretty talented!) We walked out of the show around 1:30am and the Space Needle was the most beautiful I’d ever seen it! Foggy and creepy. A perfect October night.

Hat – Target
Jacket – Nordstrom Rack at The Outlet Collection
Lipstick – Maybelline Color Sensational in Plum Paradise