Your Vote IS Your Choice

I grew up in the swing state of Michigan. I’ll admit that since moving to Washington state, I’ve had feelings that my vote doesn’t matter as much anymore. However I’m also the daughter of Greek immigrants who raised me to respect the rights I was born with. By now, we’re all sick of the political ads and posts on social media so I won’t get on my soapbox. I’ll simply put it this way…I don’t care who you vote for as long as you do it. 🇺🇸

Top // Jean Blue Shirt Co.

Love M22

I’m going to take advantage of every single Seattle summer day. We know our days are numbered here but in the meantime, I’m going to keep up my “suns out guns out” theory.

Ellen Tailor M22 Michigan Hat 1

This tank top was a complete whim purchase. When I went home to Grand Rapids, Mich. a few weeks ago, my luggage was lost. (Thanks for nothing unmentionable airline!) I made a late night trip to Meijer and picked up this top with the intent of wearing it to sleep in. Then I realized how flattering, and comfy, it is and decided to add it to the wardrobe rotation.

Another thing I did when I went home was I dyed my hair…green?! Yes, green! Thanks to KL at Cheeky Strut for convincing me to do it. I hate that the hair doesn’t photograph well but at least you can notice the green tint in comparison to the black tank.

Ellen Tailor M22 Michigan Hat 2

Speaking of home, I absolutely LOVE this hat! Admittedly, my bestie Alexis (and fellow Michigander transplanted in Seattle) bought this for me. She found it at a little shop in Traverse City but for those of you who no longer live in The Mitten, you can also purchase it on M22’s online store.

Here are some of my other favorites:Ellen Tailor Love MI 1

Ellen Tailor Love MI 3

Ellen Tailor Love MI 2

Top 5 of 2013

I’m not one to get sappy. Especially in such a public way. But when my friend asked me what my top 5 moments of 2013 were, who was I to say no? So without further adieu…


A weekend in Phoenix, AZ, for Cubs / Mariners Spring Training with some of my closest college friends. I don’t know if these people realize just how much I needed this trip. Thank you to Evan, Kellie, Matthew, Nick & Maureen for traveling from around the country to make that weekend something special.

Ellen Tailor Top 5 - 1 Ellen Tailor Top 5 - 4



Red, White, and Blue weekend in Denver, Colorado. I spent the 4th of July in the Mile High City for Nick and Kristen’s wedding. Nick and I met working at a radio station in our hometown of Grand Rapids, MI. Years later and now we work together at 100.7 The Wolf in Seattle. These two aren’t my friends. They’re family. Looking forward to meeting Baby Mac in March 2014!

Ellen Tailor Top 5 - Garden of the Gods, COEllen Tailor Top 5 - Wedding in Denver, CO



It’s no secret I love sports. This year we decided to splurge on Seahawks season tickets. My great friend Brian spent these past few months breaking world records with me and thousands of other 12’s. Not to mention, he became pretty good at taking #WhatsETWearing photos. 😉

Ellen Tailor Top 5 - Seattle Seahawks Ellen Tailor Top 5 - Seattle Seahawks Gloves



It’s rewarding to be philanthropic and help others in need but I like to do so in an extreme way. Back in 2010, I posed naked for an Art class to raise money for breast cancer awareness. This year I went Over the Edge, literally, for the Special Olympics of Washington. With the help of BJ Shea and several other generous donations, we met our fundraising goal and I rappelled 500 feet off of a downtown Seattle skyscraper. My only regret is that I never looked down!

Ellen Tailor Top 5 - Special Olympics Seattle Ellen Tailor Top 5 - Special Olympics Seattle


Honorable Mention

This isn’t a moment but more of a revelation. In 2013, I realized I have the most amazing gal pals. Some I talk to everyday, others not nearly enough. Some live close by, others way too far away. To Alexis, Ashley, Bri, Janice, Mary and Meridith: I don’t tell you nearly enough how much I love you. May this year bring you all the joy and happiness you’ve all brought to me.

Ellen Tailor Top 5 - Gal Pals Janice Allen 1a Ellen Tailor Top 5 - Gal Pals Meridith Ellen Tailor Top 5 - Gal Pals Mary



This might be one of the best moments not just of 2013 but of my life so far. My baby sister, Yanna, graduated from Michigan State University. Living over 2,000 miles away meant it would be rough to make the trip back home and I told my family it wasn’t going to happen. I lied. There was no way I was going to miss this! WATCH as I surprise my dad and sister.


What are YOUR Top 5 moments? Cheers to a safe, blessed, and prosperous 2014!