Shop My Closet

Remember when I mentioned I’m purging my closet? It’s true and YOU can benefit from it. I’m selling all of my clothes and accessories on a site called Poshmark. It’s also a very convienent app for buying and selling. Imagine eBay but WAY better, easier, and there’s no listing fees. Poshmark provides shipping labels for free and they take just 20% commission. Click HERE to shop my closet and other items that have been featured on my blog. If you haven’t signed up for Poshmark yet, use the code HFZCI for a $5 credit!

Ellen Tailor JCPenney Black White TankSince I’m cleaning out my closet (and being a native Michigander I instantly heard the Eminem song play in my head haha) I had to go shopping for new clothes! Retail therapy if you will. I’ve been shopping mostly online but I went to JCPenney and feel like I struck gold. This i jeans by Buffalo top fits my big bust and hides my big gut. Everything I put on fit and looked good which I feel never happens so I splurged. Stay tuned for more posts and in the meantime, happy shopping!