Ellen Tailor Nube9 Seahawks 12 - 3

Where do I start? Do I tell you I wear clothes made from recycled plastic bottles? Do I tell you there’s a way to help the enviornment by supporting the company that makes these clothes? Looks like I just told you both. Introducing Nube9.


Every Nube9 piece produced keeps between 2 and 36 post-consumer plastic water bottles from reaching our landfills and oceans. That’s a lot of plastic! Their collection “Runnin9 the Numbers” is a collaboration with artist / activist / photographer Chris Jordan, designed to create a conversation about mindful consuming through fashion. Seattle-based Nube9 is using art and fashion to spark the conversation of mindful consumption and I couldn’t be happier to support them. Ok, the real question you all are asking, how the heck do you turn a plastic bottle into clothes?! Watch and learn. 🙂

Below you’ll see a few Nube9 pieces I’ve featured here before. I’m hoping you’ll join me by checking out their Kickstarter campaign. While the team reached their goal in JUST 3 DAYS, we can do more!! Spread the word and support the movement. Why? #CauseItMatters

Ellen Tailor Nube9 Back for Seconds Ellen Tailor Nube9 Seahawks 12 - 3Ellen Tailor Nube9 BeastMode 3