Leopard Spots…Or Is it?

Ellen Tailor Leopard Skull Scarf and Camo

There’s so much going on with this outfit that I don’t know where to start! Camouflage, leopard spots, and skulls. Don’t see skulls? Take a closer look my friends.

I love fashion trends. Hell, everyone does. But style is taking those trends and making them your own. The best way to do that is to find unique pieces. Take this scarf for example. From far away it looks like another standard leopard print pattern. Take a closer look and you’ll see something special, or scary depending on how you feel about skulls.

Leopard and skulls are trends so why not mix the two? Alexander McQueen has a similar scarf but who the HELL has $725 to spend on a friggin’ scarf?! Yes, I said $725! I scored this gem in a Portland, OR, boutique in the Alphabet District, for less than $25 bucks. I’ve scoured the interwebs to find a similar scarf to purchase online with no luck. If you happen to have better luck than I do, please-oh-please share!

Ellen Tailor Leopard Skull Scarf and Camo

To many, mixing patterns is a big no-no. Take a risk and try it out! Don’t have the guts to mix camo and leopard? Why not start out with mixing non-pattern prints. Stick with black & white stripes and polka dots then add a pop of color in the shoes or bag. Lauren Conrad has a great blog post about how to wear this trend that I found really helpful.

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Jacket: Nordstrom, (Similar); Pants: Nordstrom; Boots: Marshall’s (Similar)