TBT – Hometown Holiday Show

It’s “Throwback Thursday” and I’m taking it back to last December. Our radio stations host a Hometown Holiday show and invited some of my favorite country artists to perform. Thompson Square, Dustin Lynch, and my good friend, Jerrod Niemann, sang their hits and traditional holiday songs. But it was what they did backstage that makes this night memorable.

Ellen Tailor Hometown Holiday Seattle Jerrod Niemann Thompson Square Dustin Lynch

Call it stress. Call it anxiousness. Call it whatever. All I know is that I had one hell of a headache that night. With Jack Daniels and Fireball being passed around, the only thing I wanted to do was take a pull (or 7) of the alcoholic goodness. Jerrod, who I’ve known for years now, noticed something was off. He put my hands in his, my heart melted, then pain shot through my palms all the way up my arms! As I squirmed, Jerrod laughed. He was using pressure points to help relieve my headache. “What a hippie,” I thought but I’ll be damned, he was right! Within 20 minutes the pain was gone and I was well on my way to a next day hangover.

Ellen Tailor Neon Skirt Moto Leather JacketThe night was a success and I’m pretty proud of this ensemble, if I do say so myself. The skirt was a clearance purchase I nabbed over the summer. Assuming I wouldn’t wear it again until warmer weather, it hid in the back of my closet. As I ransacked my clothes in a frantic search for something to wear, I saw the neon yellow peeking through and figured I could repurpose it. I paired the skirt with a crop top and tossed on my favorite moto jacket. A pair of black tights and heels pulled it all together. Admittedly, the heels were non-too-comfortable but after a few shots of Fireball who can really feel their feet anyway, right?! 😉

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