Try To Say, “No,” To These Faces. I Dare You!

Motley Zoo Animal Rescue

2017 was the year my dog, Charlie, and I opened our hearts to puppies looking for their forever homes. Motley Zoo Animal Rescue is a community made up of volunteers. Volunteers who give their time to run the Rock Star Treatment Daycare, foster animals that are still awaiting their forever homes, help to operate adoption events throughout the Seattle area, and help raise donations both large and small to help further their life-saving mission. Meet the 7 reasons that make me proud to be part of this community.

1. Foster Fred. Man, this guy. He’ll always be special.

2) Stan (now known as Nacho Bacon.)

3, 4 & 5) Leonard (now goes by Russell), Amy (who’s now Daisy) and Howard (who still goes by Howie!)

6 and 7) Elliot (known now as Doobie) and Michael

Fostering is the most rewarding and heartbreaking thing. I cry every time my babies go to their forever homes but they’re tears of joy because they’ll be safe and I can help more buddies. Please consider donating to Motley Zoo Animal Rescue as they are fully funded by the kindness of others like you!