Tweets, Tunes, and Really Good Dudes

What did we do before social media? It’s such a great way to connect with one another and to get a glimpse into the lives of our favorite celebrities. If you’re a sports fan like myself, Twitter is the place to keep up with your favorite teams and see what the players are like off the field.

Ellen Tailor Greg Scruggs Matt Overton
Sandwiched between a Pro Bowler and a Super Bowl Champ.
Life doesn’t suck.


I first met Seattle Seahawk, and now Super Bowl Champ, Greg Scruggs in real life at a little hole-in-the-wall shortly after I moved to Seattle. He’s also one of the most entertaining people to follow on Twitter. There’s never any doubt what’s on his mind and luckily he’s the same way when he’s on the show with us! Greg quickly became one of our listeners favorite guests and it’s easy to see why.


Cue Pro Bowler Matt Overton. The Western Washington alum is a long snapper, or as he calls it “an upside down quarterback,” for the Indianapolis Colts. When I saw a Colt was followed me on Twitter, I transported back to Week 5 when my beloved Seahawks were beat by them. Ugh. But then this happened…


Hmm…a country music fan and he listens to our show? This guy was OK in my book.

While there’s way too many weeks before football season begins, why not get these two in the studio for a friendly little game called “Name That Tune.” A rematch of Week 5 if you will. Who will win it all? Will the Hawks come out on top or will the Colts deal us another loss? Check it out…


Being a Hawk fan, I really don’t want to like Matt Overton. But what’s not to like about this guy?! He’s a local dude and he showered us with gifts. This guy definitely knows his way to a woman’s heart. Want to know the way to a man’s heart? He found a shirt with specific directions to it. Check it out at the 6:38 mark. Warning: Matt may or may not be the next ukulele playing superstar. ::swoon::


Ok Matt. If there was any doubt whether or not I liked you at this point, your redneck wolf shirt sealed the deal. (But what the heck is going on with my flamingo leg in this photo?) I just might have to make room in my closet for an Overton jersey…maybe.

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